Works E-mark ‘in real life’? We have Tested It

Part 1: the E-label to help consumers who have been caught in a Web shop. But can they do it?Here is the story of how a simple purchase of a promotional item went completely wrong.

Sometimes you just sit and gangs and svovler over a store, and this is also one of the kind of horror stories, which we usually read about in our site. So the kind of stories, where a consumer has come unstuck, and where a large Danish retail chain will be hung out to dry.

Usually the kind of stories we are dealing intensively with nothing on our site, but this time it was unfortunately the article’s reporter, who had the unfortunate experience. It does not matter more exciting, but it makes it possible to follow the proceedings at the closest team.

Christmas is soon upon us, and it is now time to shoppes through, so the Danish economy get back on their feet. It was therefore decided that the boyfriend had to have an Apple TV for Christmas.

The media player is undeniably the most simple media player to Netflix with great WAF (Woman Approval Factor), and therefore the obvious choice.

The trip went to the that had Apple TV on offer. Normally costs product 849 kronor in virtually all stores, including Apple’s own WebStore, so an bidding price of 739 dollars including shipping, sounded like a real bargain. And here the problems started so.

Suddenly increased the price 100 SEK

On the face of it was publicized to 739 Elgiganten crowns Inc. shipping.

There was immediately pressed the button, and your Apple TV purchase smoke in the shopping cart. So we went to the virtual box, but since there should be entered card number on VISA card happened something very strange. Price changed suddenly to 839 dollars, which was 100 dollars more than the offer sounded.

“It’s gotta be an error”, I thought to myself and deleted the item in the basket. Back at the front stood still 739 dollars. Again, it was placed in the virtual shopping cart. But as soon as the item was added, then changed the price again to 839 dollars-and now suddenly the item was no longer in stock.

Contacted support

So that was good advice animal and was once again deleted the item in your cart, and then Elgigantens chat support was contacted.

Chat support could then indicate that there were no more Apple TV in stock, and the price now sounded at 839 dollars. But on the front stood the item continue to 739 dollars, and there was loud and clear that there were over 100 STK. in stock, which I drew attention.

According to chat support so it had to be due to the fact that I had some old cookies to remain on my computer. It was one of the better excuses I’ve heard, but I checked immediately URElgiganten.dks home in another browser with the “private browsing” option turned on.

Front tinted appears on the screen, and the Apple media player stood as being in stock to 739 dollars.

No help with chat support

But what do you do then? Chat support could unfortunately not do something in addition to lament. So how would I be able to buy the advertised product? I really should bite the bullet and pay more for this product elsewhere?

It was now a matter of principle, for if a store advertises with a price, so I expect as a consumer, too, that the shop delivers the item at that price. is, like so many other Danish e-commerce shops, E-mark, and E-brand offers free legal assistance to resolve cases between customers and E-branded stores.

Works E-marked?

I personally have never been a fan of an E-mark, as “impartial” mediator. E-label operation is paid by the stores bearing the E-mark. How can it be independent if it is bought and paid for by the one party?

But for 100 dollars so gad I not put sky and sea in motion, so the easy way was chosen; I contacted E-brand’s Legal Department via e-mail and described my appeal.

And here ends the first part of the article with something of a cliff-hanger; Will E-mærket help me?Elgiganten will sell me the Apple TV, which they announced with? And will sell the product to the advertised price of 739 dollars including shipping?

The exciting climax follows in part 2, which can be read here…