Windows Phone 8 Is the Safest Smartphone System

Windows Phone 8 customers can be satisfied, they have for the safest smartphone-system according to the Security Chief.

Windows Phone 8 is the latest mobile platform to take our smartphones and thus also the safest.

There is good reason to Windows Phone 8 is the latest and safest, the spread of the platform makes it less attractive to attack with malware. Mikko Hypponen, tells the Security Chief of the F-Secure for our site.

He also predicts that the Windows Phone platform will continue the strong safety profile due to the company’s residual by.

-“Windows Phones security model is quite restrictive. I think it’s going to take some time before we see Windows Phone will be seriously targeted. I could be wrong, but my hunch says it will remain the safest, “says Miko Hypponen.

Android most exposed

At the opposite end is Android, here there has been a drastic increase in the number of infected application files with malware, and it hangs strong along with the massive deployment of the system explains Mikko Hypponen.

However, mean Mikko to Android mainly only exposed via third-party app stores, as well as third-party applications as users install bypassing Google Play.