WIMP Provides Free, Unlimited and Commercial-Free Music-Provisional

Now anyone with a computer and NET connection free stream millions of songs from music service Wimp without paying a penny. Restrictions, however, are on the way.

Music services are a hit at the moment, and now go Wimp to assault on competitor Spotify by also offering a free version of the product.

This means that anyone with a computer and an internet connection can stream the service’s 18 million songs free of charge. You will have access to the music via mobile and tablet, you should buy a Premium subscription for 99 dollars per month.

Free Edition, however, is not the only novelty in Wimp. Danish music editing service initiates among others an editorial cooperation with Politiken, Gaffa, Soundvenue and so, in addition to the music will be guided to musical experiences.

-“As user with WiMP, you will quickly get recommendations as to what to hear, either from our own editors, from Politiken critics or from artists such as URf.eks. Rasmus Seebach, L.O.C., Xander and DJ Static. In addition, we offer interviews with the biggest artists from home and abroad, streaming of live concerts and reviews from the best music media, “says Thor Martin Jensen, Editorial Director and spokesman for Wimp Denmark, in a press release.

Limitations of free version

On the other hand, joins the press release not something about the limitations of free version, which at some point will be added.

On wimp.dk you can read that there will “appear to be cut off with product information on WiMP Premium, and to free the solution will get” some limitations over time “.

Free users will not experience interruptions right away, says Thor Martin Jensen, since our site trying to get a clarification on the future of the free product.

-“Today there are no interruptions. Right now it is about to get the most possible to be happy with the product, “the editorial stresses.

How often will there be interruptions, when it will be included in the experience?

-“It is not finally adopted, but it’s not going to be advertising for products other than our own.”

What does it mean in more concrete terms, the free solution will have certain restrictions over time?

-“There will be begrændinger at a time. When you have listened to a certain amount of music, there will be a lid on. It will therefore be a limitation in relation to the amount of playing time. ”

What will specifically be limited playing time, and when will it be implemented?

-“I can say that it’s probably going to be about ten hours in a month, but it has not been definitively decided. We should just have the opportunity to evaluate a little closer before we attach ourselves. ”

Why are these things do not become more clarified in the launch?

-“We have initially tried to turn logic on compared to the past, where you had to pay to find out, if you think about the product. Now we are focusing instead on payment readiness before betalingsmur. The free product is an intro-product, “says Thor Martin Jensen.

-“It’s no secret that we would like to have as many people as possible to think as well about the Wimp, that they want to upgrade to a pay model. The most important thing for us has been to give everyone a free opportunity to see what we can offer-i.e. free access to full music catalog and full functionality. ”