When Pregnancy Doesn’t Happen in a Snap of Fingers, But Not Less Magic!

Hello flowers! Today I am pleased to present to you a very sweet person! A friend, those we know and love by magic! For works of fate, she’s not pregnant also magically, but even that ended up approaching. Always bother to tell her “don’t get when they get depressed, it’s going to be fine, believe me!”. And she wanted very, very much. The magic takes care of this pregnancy is such that I asked her to open the heart in this column that I’m very proud to keep the blog called Mother head – created for us to understand how they think women experience motherhood in very special ways. With you, Leo’s teacher in 2015, who goes on leave in March for a worthy cause!!

When Pregnancy Doesn't Happen in a Snap of Fingers, But Not Less Magic!

Thais Reporting Silveira

My name is Thais, have 30 years, I’m a teacher, married three years ago with Bruno. When the “Bia” asked me to report the magical moment that I’m living, I thought, thought, did some sketches and I’m here to tell you my story.

Since I’ve always had a lot of contact with children, cousins, children of cousins and with my students. I’ve always had a lot of desire to be a mother and after the wedding so this will tripled and, in mid-2013 we decided it was time we had our son with maternity hairstyle.
It seemed too easy. I thought it was just want. In my case so I wanted so much it looked like it would be much easier. But not everything we want is realized in a snap of fingers, we had to wait … wait …

When Pregnancy Doesn't Happen in a Snap of Fingers, But Not Less Magic! 1

How many monthly frustrations, how many times I cried, questioned and until I rebelled by having to wait that long. A loaded with anxiety and even some pressure. But all this was in day 29 of July 2014. A week feeling uncontrollable sleep, a super, hyper mood changed and of course the menstrual delay. With these symptoms I had to think of something else: will was finally pregnant? I took the exam of Pharmacy and when I saw the two pink strips, I was elated, how much joy, a mixture of multiple sensations, I felt full, complete. More quickly and still floating among clouds gave the news to my husband, to his family and to those friends who always gave me support, advice and shoulder (right, Bia!).

The first time I heard the heart of my … MY son, hit, that was the sound of life wowing my ears, bathing my soul in peace and light. That sound still rock my dreams. Until the dizziness I curti, my joy was such that I could wake up sick and spend the day looking for a bed to sleep a little bit.

When Pregnancy Doesn't Happen in a Snap of Fingers, But Not Less Magic! 2

Recently did the ultra morphological and be able to see it with more “clarity” and know that’s perfect is a feeling I can’t describe. Feel their small movements in my belly makes me thank every day because he has chosen me and God have given me this wonderful gift.

Oh, I almost forgot, my baby is a boy. My David, my Prince, my reason for living … without doubt my life has changed, I see the world with different eyes.

My joy is so much that sometimes I find myself daydreaming, imagining the face of my Prince, enjoying every detail of the preparations for your arrival. I find myself even more in love with my husband, who has been wonderful at all times.
Of course, other sentiments are part of this moment, some fears and even infiltrate insecurity in my thoughts. Wondering if at the time of delivery (I want David decides for me), if everything will be fine, if you take care, if I will be able to ease their cries, anyway, dilemmas that are part of the thoughts of the Moms 1st trip.

When Pregnancy Doesn't Happen in a Snap of Fingers, But Not Less Magic! 3

But I’d rather enjoy the moment of intense way possible and ask only for the David arrive in good health and that he can grow up surrounded by lots of love and peace. And me and dad we can be to the David all he needs to grow up and be a boy, a good man.

This ocean of emotions takes me just thank God, grant me the grace to be able to feel my son, be able to carry in my womb a life, that I got, that depends on me and that I love unconditionally.

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