What is Domain Popularity

What is Domain Popularity?


According to bestitude, domain popularity is a criterion that can be used to objectively determine the relevance of a website. It indicates the number of web presences that refer to a certain other website. Such an in-depth link to your own website is also referred to as a backlink. The value plays an important role in the evaluation by search engines.

Why is domain popularity a quality factor?

If other authors frequently refer to a particular source, this indicates that the content is of good quality. It can then be assumed that a matter is described there particularly aptly or that exclusive content has even been published. This is similar to citing sources in science. There it has always been considered a seal of approval for research work, if it is often mentioned in other elaborations. Are several identical links in web pages of a domainare included, they count only once for the domain popularity. This is intended to make abuse more difficult. Otherwise, a person responsible would have the possibility of unnaturally embedding links on his website on specially created websites and thereby manipulating the ranking. The sheer number of links that refer to a website is known as link popularity. Because of the lower informative value and the easier manipulation, this criterion is now less relevant.

Developments in search engine optimization

It is of increasing importance for website operators to be able to be found by search engines. Therefore, the branch of search engine optimization has established itself in the field of web development. SEO consultants analyze websites, for example, and try to improve their findability. The reason for this effort is obvious. Many Internet users see only the first after a search Results at. However, commercial providers rely on customers being directed to their website when they enter search terms in the browser.

In the past, the number of keywords contained in the text played the most important role, today there are many factors that determine the ranking of a website. One of the most important providers in this area is Google. In its documentation on Google search, the company provides information on the criteria that have now become dominant.

These include:

  • Meaningful and concise title
  • Completeness and relevance of content
  • Topicality of the website
  • References to the website (backlinks)
  • Good outline
  • Speaking URL s

How can the domain popularity be determined?

If the operator of a website wants to know how many foreign websites are referring to his own site, he can use so-called backlink tools. Some of these are freely available online. However, it is difficult to assess the reliability of such providers. These are often those who also provide SEO consulting services. In this respect, it is reasonable to assume that they also have a (legitimate) interest in acquiring customers.

Link research tools are an alternative for a fee. The advantage with commercial software is usually that the developers make their money bringing a good product to market. Therefore, the placement of targeted and supposedly helpful advertising, so-called affiliate marketing, is of less importance there. SEO agencies also carry out corresponding analyzes.

How can the domain popularity of a website be increased?

Search engine providers have reacted to targeted attempts to influence the ranking. For example, Google offers the option of reporting links that appear to have been manipulated. Therefore, the best way to generate inbound links is to offer high-quality and useful content on your own website. This is already rated positively by search engines anyway. In addition, high-quality content naturally increases the chance that operators of other websites will refer to your own website.

What is Domain Popularity