US 169 in Kansas

US 166 and 169 in Kansas

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US 166 in Kansas

US 166
Get started South Haven
End Joplin
Length 166 mi
Length 267 km
South Haven

Arkansas City





Baxter Springs


According to transporthint, US 166 is a US Highway in the United States, located almost entirely in the state of Kansas and a minuscule portion in the state of Missouri. The road is an auxiliary route of US 66 that no longer exists. The road begins in South Haven in southern Kansas and heads east a short distance from the Oklahoma border. The largest towns on the route are Arkansas City and Coffeyville. The road ends 1 kilometer in Missouri on Interstate 44 at Exit 1, 1 kilometer from the Oklahoma border. The entire route is 267 kilometers long.

Travel directions

In the village of South Haven, US 166 begins at an intersection with US 81 and US 177. The road heads east, where it directly connects with Interstate 35, the highway from Oklahoma City to Wichita and Kansas City. The road runs parallel to the border with the state of Oklahoma for about 5 kilometers away. The road passes through Arkansas City, a small town on US 77, the road from Ponca City to El Dorado. It also crosses the Arkansas River. The road then runs through a remote part of Kansas with hardly any intersecting roads. This part takes about 100 kilometers. Then follows a short double numbering with US 75, the main road from Tulsa to Topeka. The road then continues east, passing the town of Coffeyville, where it crosses US 169, the road from Tulsa to Kansas City. This part of Kansas is again more populated with frequent villages and intersecting State Routes. At Chetopa you cross the US 59, another north-south route to Lawrence. Not much later, you cross US 69, the state’s easternmost north-south route to Kansas City. One passes through Baxter Springs, where US 400 merges from Parsons. US 166 then passes just 700 meters from the tri – state point with Missouri and Oklahoma, and ends just in Missouri on Interstate 44, the highway from Tulsa to St. Louis.


US 166 was created in 1926. The road then ran from South Haven to Baxter Springs, all of Kansas. In 1945 the route was extended east to Springfield, Missouri and shortened in 1965 to I-44 at Joplin, directly across the border into Kansas. When it was created, US 166 was almost completely unpaved, only Caney and Coffeyville had paved surfaces. The route was largely paved between 1938 and 1941.

Traffic intensities

The US 166 is slightly busier than the parallel US 160 with 1,500 to 2,000 vehicles per day between Arkansas City and Sedan. At Coffeyville this rises to 6,000 before dropping further east to 2,000 vehicles.

US 169 in Kansas

US 169
Get started coffeeville
End Kansas City
Length 174 mi
Length 280 km







Osawatomie South


Osawatomie State Hospital

Paola South




Spring Hill


Olathe-Kansas City:

Kansas City


According to travelationary, US 169 is a US Highway in the US state of Kansas. The road forms a north-south route in the east of the state, from the Oklahoma border at Coffeyville to the Kansas City metropolitan area. The road has been expanded here and there as a highway and is also double-numbered in the Kansas City region with Interstate 35 and Interstate 435. The entire route is 280 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Just south of the town of Coffeyville, US 169 in Oklahoma enters Kansas from Tulsa from Tulsa, and almost immediately follows the intersection with US 166, the main road from Arkansas City to Joplin. The road then heads north, intersecting US 160, which runs parallel to US 166. A few kilometers further on, you cross US 400, the third east-west route in a short time. Then a longer section starts through the meadows. Between Vilas and Iola, the 43 km road has been developed as a Super Two. One passes here along Chanute, and at the end in Iola one crosses the US 54, the main road from El Dorado to Fort Scott. Then the road heads northeast, with a short double numbering with US 59 at Garnett. A real 2×2 lane stretch of highway begins at Osawatomie village up to Spring Hill, 20 miles away. This is followed by a ground floor 2×2 section to Olathe.

At Olathe, a Kansas City suburb of 118,000 residents, US 169 merges with Interstate 35, the highway from Oklahoma City and Wichita. US 169 follows I-35 to Lenexa, then becomes Interstate 435 ring road east. In the large suburb of Overland Park you cross the US 69, the north-south highway through the east of the state. US 169 then exits at Exit 79 and heads north on broad Metcalf Avenue through Overland Park. This is mainly a commercial zone with shopping centers and businesses. At Mission, an intersection follows, with US 69 coming from the west, turning north, and exiting US 169 east, merging with US 56 coming from the west. This all goes through a cloverleaf. The road then crosses the Shawnee Mission Parkway, a broad parkway through wooded suburbs. Just before the Missouri borderturns north on US 169 and continues on the four-lane Rainbow Boulevard through Kansas City. It connects with Interstate 35, and then the road crosses the Kansas River with 2×2 lanes. Then at Exit 422, the road merges with Interstate 70, the highway from Denver. Immediately afterwards, Interstate 670 branches off, which handles through traffic to St. Louis. I-70 takes a detour north of downtown. US 169 in Missouri then continues through Kansas City to the northern suburbs.


US 169 was created in 1930, but then ran no further south than Kansas City, Missouri. In 1936, the route was extended south to Tulsa, Oklahoma, creating the current route through Kansas. US 169 follows the center section of former US 73W in Kansas and K-7 and K-16 for the remainder of its route. US 169 was sporadically paved in the early 1930s, but by 1938 most of it had already been paved, only the part around Garnett took a little longer. It was not until between 1945 and 1950 that the last section between Garnett and Osawatomie was paved.

In 1932, the 7th Street Trafficway Bridge opened in Kansas City over the Kansas River. This bridge was doubled to 4 lanes in 1970. From the early 1970s, a new, single-lane route was constructed around Osawatomie and Paola. In about 2005 this section was doubled to 2×2 lanes and became a freeway.

Traffic intensities

US 169 is a reasonable major axis, and handles quite a bit of traffic by Kansas standards. The section north of Coffeyville initially counts 5,200 vehicles, before dropping to 3,800 vehicles on the Super Two section. The highway section south of Olathe has a maximum of 10,000 vehicles per day. In Kansas City, the road follows the Interstates, but the parts that do not cross the Interstates have about 10,000 to 36,000 vehicles per day.

US 169 in Kansas