Twitter Subjected to Hacker Attacks-Resets the User’s Password

The social network Twitter may have been exposed to a hacker attack. Multiple users tell their password is reset.

The social network Twitter has immediately been subject to a major hacker attack. Twitter has sent email to thousands of users with information about their account may be compromised.

Twitter, however, has not revealed the source and will not even tell how many users are affected by this. However, it should be safe, that among other things the BBC and our site is hit. It writes our site.

-“When we assess that an account has been compromised, the password will be reset and we will send an email to the account holder notifying them that it happened and a guide to set up a new password. It is a normal part of our procedure to protect users, “writes Twitter in the mail.

It is reminiscent of a get larger hacker-attack is the last part of the message, which ends with the following.

-“In this case we have mistakenly reset password for a large number of accounts, in addition to those which actually has been compromised. We regret that this may have created difficulties and confusion. ”

Users are telling some of their tweets have been deleted, others have discovered that spam links are posted with their name. There are also users who believe the message from Twitter looks like a bogus phishing message.

Have you had problems with your Twitter profile?