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As one of the 50 states in the United States of America, Massachusetts hosts 7 law schools that have national reputation. Check Countryaah to see a list of all towns, cities, and counties in the state of Massachusetts. By clicking on links to each city, you can find high schools, colleges, and universities within Massachusetts.

Boston College Law School

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.A. Education; J.D./M.S.W.; J.D./M.A.

Student activities: 14 moot court regional/national teams, internal competitions, negotiation competition, client counseling competition, 4 law reviews, UCC Reporter-Digest, and over 35 active student organizations.

Address: 885 Centre Street, Newton, MA 02459

Boston University School of Law

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.S.W.; J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.P.H.; J.D./M.S.; J.D./M.A. International Relations; J.D./LL.M . Tax; J.D./M.A. Historic Preservation; J.D./M.A. Philosophy; J.D./LL.M. Banking

Student activities: Have 6 student-edited journals including those specializing in law & medicine, international law, banking & finance, public-interest law, science & technology; have 5 in-school competitions for moot court, negotiation, client counseling; sponsor 7 teams to compete in national competition; have over 25 organizations on substantive interests in legal study.

Address: 765 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Harvard University Law School

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.P.P.; J.D./M.A.L.D.; J.D./M.P.A.; J.D./M.Div.; J.D./Ed.M.; J.D./Ph.D.; J.D./M.P.H.; J.D./M.U.P.; J.D./LL.M.

Student activities: HLS sustains a tremendous number and broad range of Student activities:. HLS has more than 100 organizations that enhance academic and social life, including many of the country’s leading law journals and more than 90 student groups. Students also participate in numerous moot court competitions, and are encouraged to pursue their interests by joining existing organizations, or by forming new ones.

Address: 1563 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02138

New England School of Law

Joint degrees awarded: N/A

Student activities: Three nationally distributed student journals – a law review and journals on international and prison law – each sponsoring an annual symposium; six co-curricular advocacy teams that have won brief and oralist awards; Student Bar Association with nearly 30 student groups that sponsor speakers, social events, volunteer activities; student representatives on most faculty committees

Address: 154 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116

Northeastern University School of Law

Joint degrees awarded: JD/MPH; JD/MBA; JD/MS/MBA in Professional Accounting; JD/MS or PhD in Law,Policy and Society; JD/Masters in Environmental Law & Policy; JD/MA in Sustainable International Devel

Student activities: Students play a central role in the NUSL community through involvement in school governance, administrative committee work and SBA.They compete in a variety of regional and national moot court competitions. The NU Law Journal hosts an annual symposium and publishes online. A wide array of student organizations offers opportunities for socializing and supporting various political and social causes.

Address: 400 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

Suffolk University School of Law

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.P.A.; J.D./M.S.F.; J.D./M.S.I.E.; J.D./M.S.C.J.

Student activities: Five Honor Boards (Law Review, Transnational Law Review, Moot Court Board, Journal of High Technology Law, and Journal of Health and Biomedical Law). Over 30 cultural and practice-area focused student organizations operate under the Student Bar Association. Students also have the opportunity to participate in many national, interscholastic, and intrascholastic moot court competitions.

Address: 120 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108

Western New England College School of Law

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.S.W. ; J.D./M.R.P. ; J.D./M.B.A.

Student activities: Law Review, student newspaper, moot court teams: National, 1st Amendment, Jessup Intn’l, Frederick Douglass, ABA Nat’l Trial, ABA Tax Challenge, ABA Negotiation. Student Bar Ass’n, Multi-Cultural Law Student Ass’n, Women’s Law Ass’n, Equal Justice Works, Federalist Soc., OUTlaw (LGBT), PAD Legal Fraternity, ABA and Ski Club. Law Societies: Criminal, Environmental, International, Family, Sports.

Address: 1215 Wilbraham Rd, Springfield, MA 01119

Before you can study in any of the above 7 law programs in Massachusetts, you will need to take the Law School Admissions Test. The exam dates throughout the year are also provided on the site.

Massachusetts Overview

Massachusetts, or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a state of the Atlantic Coast of New England, USA; 21,386 km2, 6.5 million (2010), of which 80% are white. Capital: Boston. Joined the Constitution in 1788 as the 6th State; nickname: The Bay State. Check searchforpublicschools for public primary and high schools in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is one of the smallest, most affluent and with 254 inbound calls per month. km2 most densely populated states in USA. 85% of the population live in cities, of which only 3.2 million in Boston’s metropolitan area. The rest are distributed in Springfield, Worcester, New Bedford and other mid-sized cities besides numerous small towns off the Atlantic coast bays. Less than 10% of land is occupied by agriculture, horticulture and orchards, while 50% is forest, especially in the Appalachians to the west. Both agriculture and forestry are of modest economic importance; This also applies to fisheries that, despite the US’s second largest catch (after Alaska; especially seafood, cod and haddock), are subordinate to industry and trade, as well as banking and finance. The traditional industries with roots back to the 1800s. (textiles, shoes, firearms) have been replaced since the 1960s by high-tech companies that made the Boston area one of the country’s leading high-tech centers from the beginning. This was achieved through large military grants, and collaboration with leading laboratories and research environments at Harvard University, Boston University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.(MY). Growth was greatest during the “economic miracle” of the 1980s, but has since been reduced by the impression of receding military budgets and corporate relocations.

However, Massachusetts is still New England’s most important industrial state. Logan International Airport and Boston’s container port are among the country’s top ten exporters. In addition, a lucrative tourism based on equal parts of historical, cultural and recreational attractions; Among other things, Minuteman National Historic Park, Plymouth Plantation, Springfield Armory, Cape Cod Peninsula and the former Nantucket Island whaling islands and Martha’s Vineyard. In winter there is skiing in the mountains to the west, the Berkshire Hills and the Taconic Mountains with the state’s highest point, Mount Greylock (1064 m). The climate is rainy and temperate with averages around −1 ° C in January and 21 ° C in July.


European exploration of the area occurred from the early 1600s, but decisively became the English Puritans who arrived with the Mayflower in 1620 and founded the Plymouth Colony. The influx of Puritans was great, and in 1630, the Massachusetts Bay colony, which was granted royal privilege and led by John Winthrop, expanded to the north. By merging the two colonies in 1691, the privilege was extended to the whole of Massachusetts including that which was set apart in 1820 as the State of Maine. The relations between the colonizers and the Indians were generally peaceful until King Philip’s War 1675-76; in the 1700s. there were repeated clashes with the Indians and their French allies. Given a wide range of contradictions with Britain, events in Massachusetts were like The Boston Tea Party and the clashes at Lexington and Concord helped trigger the American Revolution of 1775-83. The state remained in the 1800s. a leader in early industrialization in the United States, and it was marked by a very large immigration, not least from Ireland.

Massachusetts Law Schools