The Survival Knife Cudeman 125mc Jjsk2

Although we have several models of knives and some of these are known as “survival knives”, you have to look closely to know everything about them, as this is something that can not be bought blindly.

As the experts tell us, the survival knife is an invaluable tool for cutting wood carving branches and being able to build a shelter where appropriate, so for those who believe that that can be done with any machete we are going to give you some reasoning Because the quality of these knives is important.

What exactly is a survival knife?

To be considered a survival knife, it is not enough for the blade of the knife to have saw teeth and a bottle opener, because in case of need, what we need is a tool that serves us truly.

The edge of the knife is important so after buying one of these knives we will try to cut a sheet of paper, a fruit, a cork and even somewhat harder materials, and verify that it is sharpened properly.

The survival kit is what comes with the knife, and we also have to check it to ask if there is something missing that we will need.

To give an example, the survival knife Cudeman 125MC JJSK2 brings an accessory kit that includes a sharpening stone, a flint to make a fire, a leather stand, an unwind emergency rope reaches almost three meters, a mirror of Signals, a solar compass , a small ruler of 10 centimeters and even a clock that works with solar energy.

In particular this knife made by Cudeman is the updated version of its predecessor JJSK1, which has been lengthened the blade length to 15.3 centimeters and has corrected the angle of attack from the back to the tip, with In order to compensate the blade and balance the knife according to, something very important when you have to throw.

The material used to make this knife is Austrian Steel Böhler N-695 very similar to the 440C but with a greater retention capacity of the edge, besides many other characteristics.

Undoubtedly there are many models of knives but this time, the manufacturer Albacete has achieved a precise piece, which if we had to score, would certainly give an outstanding.