The Right Way To Wash And Conserve Bikinis And Cangas

How many times have you returned from the beach or the pool and let the bikini drying? Of course, it’s best to leave the piece dry instead…

How many times have you returned from the beach or the pool and let the bikini drying? Of course it is better to let the piece drying instead of storing it still wet, but it’s also a mistake not wash your bikini properly.

To help you look just right of the bikinis and sarongs, ezhoushan separates some simple tips so that the pieces remain beautiful and last for longer.

-After wearing a bikini or bathing suit, both on the beach and in the pool, do not take too long to wash the piece. It is necessary to remove salt from sea water or chlorine from the pool, as they can accumulate and end up ruining your bikini, leaving it looking old.

“Do not leave your bikini in the way. Use neutral soap to wash the bikini and wash it by hand. No playing delicate pieces in the washing machine, okay ?!

-Leave the pieces dry open, with a little wind and avoid using a preacher so that the bikini is not marked.

-Do not iron your bikini. With the materials they are made, it is unnecessary for you to pass the piece, at the risk of even burning it.

Store them in a bikini-only drawer. Separate them forming the top and bottom of the bikini. So you do not end up losing any.

-The cangas also need a rinse to remove the chlorine, salt, sand and sunscreen they can get. Do not soak them and always wash them with cold water.

-Leave the piece to dry in a place with shade and wind.

-When passing the canga, be very careful with the temperature of the iron. It should be at the lowest temperature to avoid damaging the part.

-Keep your folded canga in a drawer or some part of the wardrobe. Do not leave it with towels so you do not pick up line lint from the other pieces.