The Htc Hero

…and other little things
And a few more impressions from the HTC Hero that I have today simply taken to the shopping spree. The battery was fully charged, UMTS activated, the memory card filled with music and soon the battery was tormented. I can not wait to go back to the hotel, I will be back in the future. Here the hero had to give everything, tweet, check emails, Wikipedia, Google Reader, Skype… the sun has not disturbed and the lightly loaded UMTS network has also been through-the Hero is really a very good companion. In cross format, the Android chin makes itself felt positively. You can hold the Hero loosely in one hand, your chin catches your fingers, and you can balance your smartphone with one hand without having to worry about falling out of your hand, as I’ve seen at the HTC Diamond 2. Also the coated display is very good, once wipe and already the accumulated fat disappeared. The Teflon surface makes the Hero beautifully handy, only printer black one can see on the white housing well, but also one can remove with a damp napkin quickly and easily.
Afterwards, shopping was announced, but the Hero holds what it promises-Internet in the shoe business, if you have to wait longer and games from the Android market, if you have boredom. With Barcoo I could also compare prices and get more information about a product. Barcode scanning and already there is the information, that is simply only great.Only the deficient Screen lock has disturbed me. Just the HTC Hero in the pocket stuck and already one has accidentally called friends and contacts from the phone book, which is not so beautiful. In the G1 and the Magic there was a bag, which would have been appropriate with the Hero. The battery after the short shopping trip was by the way about 20 percent, which is not much for the few hours. However, the battery was not really spared, other comparable smartphones would surely have achieved similar values. To be honest, this power consumption does not sound very good, but in view of the performance (almost 150 MB transferred data) should not complain.

And because we are at the Hero. At the request of a single commentator I sometimes times in an o2 shop compared the Hero with the Samsung Galaxy . The AMOLED display looks more brilliant and crisp than the traditional display of the hero. But honestly, with the sense surface of the hero has fallen much better than the monotonous, almost boring original surface of the Android operating system. Also the operation of the trackballs tells me much more than the operation of the D-pad at the Samsung. I hope to have the Galaxy soon for a detailed test.

Another thing still, to the performance. The HTC Magic and the Google G1 did not differ greatly, one gave it with a hardware keyboard, the other without. The HTC Hero has a newer processor and 96 MB more RAM, but a new, more elaborate interface that, in my view, is more of a hindrance to the performance of the processor. The Hero is really pleasantly fast, just hooking it sometimes when you want to do too much at once. Here I see the reason in the more elaborate graphics, which is not clean optimized. The problem is not the hardware, because that is really good. The specs of the hero can also be found in the HTC Diamond 2, only the graphics resolution is worse at Hero.