The Guardian is a Vault Döttling to Valuable Watches

As someone who has expensive watches does to transport them on trips? Ever think of that? I’ve, and searching for images on Pinterest I ended up stumbling upon the Guardian, the portable vault of a German company called Döttling which specializes in solutions for secure storage of personal property, all priceless.

Although your luxurious appearance, with black leather and stainless steel details, the Guardian is a case with a real resistance safe because your interior has a tube-shaped structure with double wall, one of them is made in a metal alloy almost as hard as diamond, capable of destroying drills and saws the other, in polycarbonate, the same material of the shields of the police, makes the case extremely impact resistant according to chronologicalwatches. At the end of the tube there is a vault door can only be opened with the 3-digit code with the correct combination of high carbon steel pins release access to your inside, otherwise a burglar will take a considerable time to reach the contents of the Guardian, a luxury he has not, since the integrated GPS will reveal your location to the police.

With all these features the Guardian until it doesn’t weigh much, are approximately 4 kg distributed in its 37 cm long and 13.5 cm in diameter. Its interior can package, in addition to watches, jewellery, money and documents, and its dimensions allow it to be loaded as hand luggage on trips or simple transfers, at the same time that can be easily packed in a suitcase or closet.

The attachment is for sale only in Europe and costs from 9,800 euros or just over 30,000 reais.

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