The Drug Passport Provides Safety During Pregnancy

Illnesses that need to be treated are as common in pregnant women as they are in other women, but wrongly prescribed drugs can have harmful effects on the unborn child. The risk increases with the amount of medications taken. The drug passport is supposed to bring safety into play.

Medication during pregnancy

The idea of ​​omitting drugs during pregnancy for the benefit of the child is not a good idea. If, for example, the drug is discontinued for the treatment of a chronic disease, the basic disease may worsen. The resulting adverse effects can be just as harmful to the child as the drugs themselves. There are even drugs that are especially recommended to prevent damage to the baby. For example, these medicaments may contain building blocks which are important for the healthy maturation of the infant and which can not be absorbed by the food alone or only inadequately.

Consultation with the treating physician

It does not matter which drug is to be used before the dose is taken with maternity pillowcases, it is important to check carefully whether the expected benefit is compatible with a possible risk. For most diseases, there are special preparations that do not harm the mother or the child during pregnancy or lactation. An extensive consultation with the attending physician or the pharmacist should be used in any case. Under no circumstances should medications be taken before such an appointment.

What is in the medicine passport?

Especially as a growing mother, you want to know more about the medicines you take.What means can be used without risk to the child?What preparations have already been taken?In order to keep an overview, the “medicine passport for pregnancy and lactation”, which is now available in most pharmacies, has been developed.In addition to a brief introduction, in which the usual complaints during the pregnancy and corresponding measures are reported, the ID card provides sufficient space to record all drugs to be taken.All appropriate medicines are then entered directly in the pharmacy.From now on one should carry the identity card with every doctor and pharmacy visit.Thus, all persons involved have an appropriate overview and doctors can prescribe a drug more specifically.


It is especially important for pregnant women to know which medication they are allowed to take and which may pose a potential risk to the child. Through the medicinal passport, appropriate means can be prescribed for the pregnancy. It is also possible to rule out possible interactions with other medicines. Also superfluous duplications are therefore a thing of the past.