The Communes Displayed Towards Electric Vehicles of Mobile Master

Discrimination: electric car stands must stand free on municipal land. Mobile masts on the other hand, must be paid large sums of money for. The Bill ends up with mobile customers.

What would you rather have? That there will be more electric car stands or more cell towers in the municipalities?

Electric car stands stands on municipal land which is being provided free of charge for electric automotive industry. Mobile masts are often also on municipal land or buildings, but the telecommunications companies must pay up to 75,000 dollars a year in tax to the municipality, in addition to a contract price of 120,000 crowns, as well as, of course, the establishment of the mobile mast writes Berlingske.

John Beach not understand discrimination. He stood last year in his company Strand Consult, behind a detection of cartel-like relationship between the municipalities, at rental of space for cell towers.

-“When the politicians are selling mobile licenses to telecommunications companies, saying that they must fight their way through the Danish countryside and see how they can be allowed to make the coverage which the citizens are calling for,” said John Strand for Berlingske Business.

Should be free

John Beach thinks it should be free to put paid, social infrastructure up on public lands, and even if the cars right now get the free space of the municipalities, they should not count on this continues when free agreements often only run in four years.

Electric car industry will therefore within a number of years, risking to experience the same problems with rent prices as the mobile phone industry.

In High-Taastrup municipality explains Mayor Michael Ziegler (K) to the newspaper that the discrimination lies in the fact that cell towers are strictly commercial ventures. A company like Better Place owned by, among other things, DONG, in which the State has ownership interest.

Electric car operator Clever has proven opted out of public lands, because they have the same fear as the Strand Consult outlines. Instead concluded agreements with private firms.

Telecommunications industry invests 20 million dollars in infrastructure every day.