The Best Countries to Travel in February

The Best Countries to Travel in February

North America

February blizzards and frosts have already played out enough, but you still didn’t manage to relax during the winter holidays? The last month of winter is in vain, many tourists consider it an inappropriate time to travel abroad. We dare to assure you that after the New Year and Christmas holidays, it’s time for big discounts, promotions and cozy empty beaches in warm countries.

In February, it is beneficial to go on a trip if you want to enjoy the soft and warm sun of the UAE, visit the national festival in Mexico or spend your honeymoon in the Maldives. It is also a time of discovery, interesting excursions without long queues.

In winter, there is a place for romance: an island vacation in Goa will give you a lot of sun, solitude, and a relaxing atmosphere. And if you want exotic – choose the southeast direction for a trip without a visa abroad in February.

Where to go in February: choose a country for vacation

The first thing that comes to mind for a Russian-speaking tourist, if you ask: where to go in February on an all-inclusive basis is Egypt and Turkey. These are favorite and inexpensive vacation spots for our compatriots. But, going to a proven hotel, it is worth considering that the air temperature does not exceed 28 ° C, and water – 24 ° C, and it often rains in Turkey. Instead of a long “idleness” on the beaches, we propose to allocate time for active pastime – trips to the pyramids, relaxation in a Turkish ski resort.

Neighboring Israel in February is also rich in sightseeing tours: here you can visit holy places, see ancient cities, and also experience the healing properties of the Dead Sea.

A health trip in February can be inexpensively organized in Tunisia. The famous thalassotherapy, thermal springs and therapy in oak groves will open up a new side of this country for you.

Where to go with a child in February

You can go on vacation in February with children in the UAE. At the end of winter there is a pleasant and cool climate, and the sea is still warm and silky. It is important that the flight here is short, so for little travelers it will be safe and comfortable. And entertainment in water parks and centers here can be found to the liking of children from 0 to 99+!

Another warm country where it is better to relax with a child in February is Thailand. On the eve of spring, the weather here is ideal for a growing organism: the air is warmed up to 31°C, and the water – 28°C. In addition, there are not many tourists, and prices are much lower, so for a moderate fee you can have a good rest in a comfortable hotel. Spend an active day visiting zoos, boat trips or a water park.

The Dominican Republic is a distant, but no less attractive country where to go on vacation in February with a child. It is important to take into account the age of the young tourist, because the flight here is long. But, if the child tolerates travel well, and you know how and what to do with this time, your vacation will be exciting, warm and varied.

If you are ready to allocate an impressive amount for a vacation with a child on the ocean, you should buy a tour to the Maldives. The high price is justified by excellent service and gentle weather. There is something to do here for every member of the family – the beaches are not hot and safe with the smallest guests, it will be interesting for teenagers to try water sports (surfers open the season here at this time).

Where to go on a honeymoon trip in February

For a wedding, all seasons are good, but you should carefully choose where to go on vacation in February for the newlyweds. After all, a warm sandy beach by the sea, beautiful sunsets and comfortable apartments for two are an important part of a romantic trip.

According to topschoolsintheusa, the Dominican Republic is like a paradise for lovers. It has everything for a good secluded vacation: quiet rooms in the middle of a rainforest, private beaches with white sand and an inexhaustible supply of exotic fruits and delicious local dishes.

If the Maldives and the Philippines have already become classics where wedding tours are booked, then holidays in Cuba are chosen by open and inquisitive adventurers. You can diversify your beach holiday under the hot sun with trips to neighboring islands, trips to crocodile farms.

Bali is a modern, cheerful, colorful and warm island all year round, where it is better to relax in February for active and inquisitive youth abroad. Surfing is an important part of life in Bali, so if a couple in love loves sports and outdoor activities, you won’t get bored on the island. There are regions where noisy parties are replaced by yoga classes, unusual excursions to nature reserves and parks.

Jamaica is a place for the brave, the curious and the cheerful. Here is a holiday of a lifetime! You are waiting for vivid impressions from the inextinguishable nightlife, noisy parties on the sea coast. Holidays in Jamaica will suit an unusual couple, for creative individuals.

How to find accommodation while traveling

When choosing hot Asian countries (for example, Vietnam), where you can go to relax in February, you should pay attention to Internet services (including international and local), where it is easy to find accommodation for every taste and budget. At the end of February, it is advantageous to go to Thailand, where the prices for hotel rooms are very low, and the service is at a high level.

In the middle of the month, Thailand and the Philippine Islands celebrate the Chinese New Year, so if traditional Christmas celebrations in snowy European countries or ski resorts in Austria do not appeal to you, you can come here and have plenty of fun under the hot sun. If you want to attend the celebration, it is worth booking a room in advance, because places are always limited, although at affordable prices.

It will help to save on booking a hotel in Vietnam, the choice of private apartments that are rented by local residents. Comfortable apartments on the coast can be selected online.

How to organize your own trip

We advise you to go abroad in February to China. You can easily organize a trip here on your own, and apply for a visa at the embassy for only $75. Plane tickets, like a hotel, are best booked in advance. Many travelers advise to stay in chain hotels, where the service is always good and regardless of the cost of the chosen room.

On February 8, the Lantern Festival takes place in China, where everything is buried in lights on the streets, and the roads turn into an arena for dancing lions and dragons. At this time it is very noisy and crowded. Traveling in China, we recommend visiting the main attractions of the selected region. For example, the Forbidden City in the center of Beijing, the Terracotta Army in the province of Xi’an. And it will be comfortable to bask on the beach on Hainan Island.

Many warm countries for Ukrainians and Russians have a visa-free entry regime, so organizing a trip on your own at sea is even easier: you just need to choose the right resort, book a room and buy tickets. Traveling on your own is more interesting, according to avid tourists, because you can always choose unusual routes and places for exploring local attractions.

When is the best time to buy a tour?

Do you want to go on an inexpensive February vacation by the sea, but don’t have time to plan your own trip? To choose the right place for an unforgettable sea adventure in Sri Lanka, Fiji or Goa, order a comfortable tour in the UAE or a familiar Sharm el-Sheikh tour operator will come to your aid. In order not to miscalculate and pay cheaply, we recommend buying tours in advance or giving preference to last-minute offers.

When choosing a country where to go on a tour in February, it should be borne in mind that for hot southern countries, winter is a high season period, where there are many tourists and the cost of housing, food and flights increases. Similarly, during the holidays, for example, for several days (February 7 to 9), the demand for a tour to Thailand increases greatly, when a grandiose flower festival takes place.

But to Egypt, Israel and Turkey, on the contrary, you can choose very cheap tours that will include everything you need for a comfortable vacation. True, such destinations will appeal to vacationers, for whom high air temperature is not the main thing.

Where to go to the sea in February

The abundance of options for where to go and where it is better to relax in February at sea cannot but rejoice. After all, when there are snowdrifts everywhere at home, even dreams of a warm sandy coast warm. The island countries of Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, where you should go on vacation in February to sunbathe, will delight you with warm weather, endlessly sunny days and exceptionally clear sea water.

A beach holiday in Bali in February is doomed to endless fun, surfing, scoring and other unusual water sports. The beaches of the island are wide, with a comfortable descent.

If you want to have an interesting rest at the sea, we suggest going to Phuket in February. The nature here is fabulous, and the air temperature is pleasant both for young travelers and for couples with children and for tourists of a more mature age. And if you expect special impressions from the trip, book places to stay in Goa. In the last winter month, the Shigmo festival is held here, when everyone takes to the streets and sprinkles each other with colored sand. Fun, unusual and active – and which maritime country will you choose for your vacation?

The Best Countries to Travel in February