Religion in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country with a rich and diverse religious landscape, deeply intertwined with its history, culture, and identity. The predominant religion in Afghanistan is Islam, with the majority of the population adhering to Sunni Islam, specifically the Hanafi school of jurisprudence. However, there are also significant minority communities practicing other faiths, including Shia Islam, […]

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Afghanistan Shopping

Afghanistan Shopping, Embassy and Communication

Language Overview Official languages ​​are Pashto (35%) and Dari Persian (59%). Turkic languages ​​(11%), predominantly Uzbek and Turkmen, and 30 minority languages ​​(4%) are also spoken. Many people are bilingual. Public Holidays 01.05.2022 Eid al-Fitr (Ende des Ramadan) 09.07.2022 Eid al-Adha (Opferfest) 09.10.2022 Mouloud (Birthday of the Prophet). The dates given for Islamic holidays are […]

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