Such Is the Android 4.2-We Have Tested

We have installed Android 4.2 on our Samsung I997 and gives you here our opinion about the last Jelly Bean version.

Google Android, the system that now draws the majority of the world’s total smartphone sales, has gone a step up of development-stairs and have now version 4.2.

Android 4.2 States as its predecessor Android 4.1, Jelly Bean meaning that there basically has been no great development due to software, but a closer look at features and functions.

Android 4.2 builds therefore on all the big news in the Android 4.1, among other “project butter” that has made Android much more liquid than it ever has been.

That is why we as Android 4.2 user who has just switched from Android 4.1, does not see a huge difference in how software runs and operates.

Notification area with double function

In Android 4.2 Google has implemented a new feature to roll back the curtain, you can swipe down from the top of the screen, also known as notification area.

What is new is if you swiper down with one finger, you get it you know, but you can by doing it with two, induce rapid settings.

Quick settings is a clever way to turn on and turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more, and is a welcome feature for Android which definitely works as intended.

In addition, it is still possible to expand notifications in Android 4.2, which several developers are starting to see the chic in and that gives a clearly better and more productive notification area.

Lock screen with widgets

Missing you faster integration with your mail Inbox or calendar so has Google in Android 4.2 found a solution to add widgets to the lock screen.

This means that when you turn the monitor on its Android 4.2 device, so you can now swipe between multiple Windows on the lock screen, which means that you can quickly and easily get in, for example, its text or mail inbox.

The function is very smart, but!

It is not smarter than if a stranger or person which you do not want to access information on your smartphone, can easily get to your content.

It is possible to view incoming emails, and calendar appointments and other widgetindhold from the lock screen, even if the phone is locked with a personal code or pattern.

You cannot access all the mails or calendar appointments when the phone is locked, but you can view headlines and other less detailed information. Impractical if you want privacy and easy integration at the same time.

It is still possible to access the camera directly from the lock screen, swipe from right to left.

New keyboard again

With Google in Android 4.2 also chose not to look on your experience, which means that keyboard again has been updated.

Now it is not only possible to type out words, now it is also possible to swipe as known from the popular app, Swype.

The new feature works really well and although I am a user who has never before used a similar function, I must honestly admit that it is easy to learn, certainly on Android 4.2.

The function works quite well, the vast majority of words “guess” the right the first time, even long words. However, there may be words with long extensions as the hard to reach using the swipe function.

There are also Danish dictionary as well as ÆØÅ in the software, which means
as Dane gets the full writing experience.


Google Now-still limited

Along with Android 4.1 came Google with Google Now, which improves one’s integration with Google’s services according to the position and made with Google searches.

Google Now is still very limited at home, and it is only quite a few features that actually works as intended, so perhaps it is more power hungry than functional, yet.

Daydream with Android

There are now also come dock feature of Android 4.2 with the menu “Daydream” under display settings.

Here it is possible to set up the same device to perform a specified action when connected to a charger or dock.

Among other things, you can get Daydream to display images from your album, while the phone is docked or charging on write-or bedside table.

Bold panorama function

Do you miss any different or new camera features, then there is good news for everyone who has or will have Android 4.2.

Google has implemented Photo Sphere, allowing you to take pictures in a whole new way, never before seen in a standard smartphone.

The function allows to take a large number of photos which shall be composed of one large image that you can pan around in, in a very similar way in Street View.

We have been playing a little with the function of a Galaxy with Android Nexus 4.2 and must say that I am personally impressed by the feature that definitely works for fat. However, it is increasingly clear to see that it is more pictures there will be composed when zooming.

New watch-app

A small, but welcome, improvement in Android 4.2 is an update of the clock application, previously, there was only the ability to set alarms in the application, but now you can also find the time in a large number of major cities worldwide, use stopwatch and countdown.

All of this is, of course, been implemented in good spirit with the new Android-design, which is really cool to see.

Android 4.2 can still be improved

The new and enhancing functions and features in Android 4.2 improves the platform going forward, especially features that make sense on both smartphones and tablets makes the system more secure for the future.

However, there are still features I would like me became more centralized in the system, among other things, the management of notification tones for different apps.

Also the new lock screen feature is missing through thinking in the form of security across from private information, it should be such that it is not possible to go to a new window before you have locked the phone, if you want it.

But along the way, it can be seen that Google is really trying to improve the platform, thus various hardware manufacturers no longer need to develop their own user interface.

Android 4.2 is without a doubt the most user friendly mobile system from Google to date.