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In February 2011 I decided to go abroad to America relatively spontaneously. Usually this can only be done a year in advance, but thanks to MicroEDU it was a little later.

MicroEDU has a long list of potential universities. I chose San José because the price-performance ratio was just right. The location is perfect. The weather here (except for about 5 rainy days) has always been quite warm and sunny (and that in autumn-winter time). In October you could even lie by the pool. Also, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, etc. are not far away.

The application was a little time-consuming, but still pleasant. MicroEDU will provide you with well-detailed application documents so that the application process is relatively easy. In addition, you always had a contact person who offered you help immediately.

As soon as you arrived at the so-called SAL Office in San José, everything went by itself, so that you don’t have to worry too much about the future course. The only thing I would recommend in advance is to find out a little bit about the courses that are available and to clarify this with the professors in Germany.

I no longer had to worry about an apartment because I had applied for the Campus Village. And that was definitely the best decision! I lived right on campus and was 5 minutes away from my classes. In addition, almost everything about campus life took place in front of the Campus Village. I was always up to date when there was movie nights, free stuff, free food, etc. coming up again. I was constantly meeting new people and making friends for life too. But try to apply for a single room, because you don’t always have luck with your roommates in a double room…

Class Crashing.àThe first two weeks it was about getting the desired courses It is a tough and uncomfortable fight, but it has to be overcome: D You have to assume that all students have already registered for their courses online months in advance, which we unfortunately cannot do. We had no choice but to just go to classes and beg for a place. Since we are an Open University, we are the last ones with the right to a place. You definitely have to attend as many courses as possible. Even if the professors have already given you a no, go back next week, as many of the already registered students are still giving up their place. It is usually good to speak to the professors in their office beforehand or to wait in front of the door 10 minutes before the start of the course. It is always important to be persistent! In the end, I got all of the courses I wanted.

In addition to three SJSU courses, I had a SAL course, an English course organized by the SAL Office. This course is free of charge (SJSU course = $ 150). Many from the German group had taken the same course, so it was always a lot of fun (even if you had a test almost every week).

General about the courses: The courses were not difficult. I only got good grades, but it also took a lot of time. Compulsory attendance, a lot of homework, participation and approx. 3 exams per course are included in your grade. But it sounds a lot worse than it is. Nevertheless, we always managed to take the time for other activities. For an exam it is enough to start studying one day in advance.

There is so much to do in and around San José. On Wednesday evenings they always met in the “Flames”, a karaoke bar (with great happy hour prices), on Thursdays they liked to go to the “Myth Club”. At the weekend I was always at all the fraternity parties (connections via CVB !!!) that you really should have seen. I was also lucky with my MicroEDU group from Germany, which was always traveling and adventurous, so we went on many great trips together such as whale watching in Monterey, chilling out on Santa Cruz beach, shopping in the three malls, which are pretty good too can be reached, watch ice hockey and football, etc. Together we got everything out of San Jose.

A car is not absolutely necessary, everything can be reached somehow (Caltrain, Light Rail, buses). With the VTA ticket you can use Light Rail and the buses for free. In addition, the walk to the Light Rail (approx. 15 minutes from the Campus Village) is sometimes quite good, as the nutrition here is not the best: D Food is very expensive, so it is much more worthwhile to buy your food ready-made. I especially recommend the In’n’Out Burger first! Panda Express and Yoghurtland are also very tasty options;)

After the semester, I went on a road trip. If you have the time, take it. California really has so much to offer.

Regarding the costs, I can also say that it was really my most expensive half year. Housing and university are expensive. But it’s really worth it.
I really had the best time of my life here and I am very sad that it is over.
I thank MicroEDU for the help and the opportunity for this unique experience that I will never forget.

PS Don’t take a lot with you, you’ll shop so much!


Studies in American Language (SAL) is a department from San Jose State University. SAL specializes in providing non-American and adult students with an insight into American student life and helping them get started with studying at university. All students are warmly welcomed and individually looked after. The first step in the SAL program consists of an “Institutional TOEFL”. This means that the TOEFL is carried out within the SAL program in order to divide the individual students into classes according to their linguistic abilities. The lessons and the course offer are then adapted to the student, depending on the TOEFL result. Advanced students have the opportunity to attend regular lectures at the university (open university). All questions, those who come up with regard to the choice of course (and that can be very many) will be answered in detail by the SAL team. SAL is an excellent combination of language school and university. My experience with professors was / are only positive. I learned here that professors have a positive attitude towards their students. It is important to them that the students feel comfortable and are successful. They are happy to answer questions related to the course. It is important to them that the students feel comfortable and are successful. They are happy to answer questions related to the course. It is important to them that the students feel comfortable and are successful. They are happy to answer questions related to the course. Read more student reviews on Act-test-centers.

San Jose is one of the most beautiful places you can think of. In less than an hour you are in San Francisco, the dream city in general. San Jose isn’t directly on the ocean, but the Pacific is 45 minutes away. The area offers a perfect mix of Red Wood Trees, Pacific, Eucalyptus trees, mountains, rugged cliffs and sandy beaches. If you drive comfortably south along the coast for half a day, you come to Los Angeles. The weather is great. From April to October it is summer. In winter it rains, but not too much. San Jose is the heart of Silicon Valley, an international metropolis. An incredible number of different peoples from all over the world meet here. This increases the cultural diversity enormously. It’s not cheap here, but the landscape, people,

San Jose State is a very old, but rebuilt university. A successful combination of ancient buildings and modern architecture. It is always a pleasure to walk under the palm trees over the campus. The campus is not too big and the students exude a certain calm. It’s not really a stressful run from one building to another. An atmosphere to feel good.

Life in San Jose is very relaxed. When it comes to housing, SAL has a special advisor who can always arrange rooms close to the campus.

SAL made the entry into the university a lot easier. Of course, it is important that you pursue your goals yourself, because only then can others help you achieve them.

Study in San Jose State University 1