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Study Abroad at Griffith University – Gold Coast (9)


I was enrolled at Griffith University on the Gold Coast for one semester (semester 2/2008). The semester was a complete success from day one.

I lived in Griffith University Village. The advantage here, of course, is that it is right on campus. You just walk over a bridge and then you are almost in your lecture room. The people you get to know through the Uni Village are also great, many different nationalities, all young and with the same goal: study and have fun. You meet many there who only stay one semester. AND: There is a pool! Great in the weather !! The disadvantage of the Uni Village is that it can sometimes get a little louder (especially on weekends). Especially when you live in a 5-person flat share, the consideration is often not there. Although it is especially in the learning phase, it is significantly quieter. But other than that, it must have been a really good decision to live there.

Now to my studies: I mainly took tourism courses there. In the lectures you actually get along straight away. I didn’t have any professors who spoke too quickly or too indistinctly. It is very good that you have a lecture and a tutorial for every subject you take. In the lecture there is really only one lecture (which I was not used to from my HS in Germany) and in the tutorial questions are answered, exercises are done, presentations are given, etc. This is another difference to Germany: In Australia, the workload is for the individual subjects quite high, you have (of course, depending on the subject, a term paper, the presentation and then finally the exam). Nevertheless, the claim is lower compared to Germany. So you can do it very well. The semester also has a week off in the middle and at the end you have another whole week to prepare for the exams. So there is enough time to learn but also to have fun.

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I also really liked the Griffith University campus. For me (I study at the HS Bremerhaven) it was very large but clearly laid out, I always found the lecture and tutorial rooms immediately. There is a great cafeteria where you can eat all kinds of things: Asian, Indian, burgers, sandwiches, fruit, snacks, drinks, everything !! Right next door is the Uni Bar, where you can have a beer with your fellow students after the lecture;) There are also various cafes on campus (with great coffee), of course a library (super well equipped, modern with separate rooms for Group work etc. and also a TV lounge to relax in. There is also a kind of doctor’s office, a bookstore with everything you need for studying. a computer shop with all kinds of electronic devices, a travel agency (specializing in student trips – STA Travel), ATMs (ANZ) and the student center where you can get all the information you need. The staff at the university have always been really nice and helpful.
Another highlight was the university sport. There you have a huge range of sports facilities. There is everything from football to tennis, water polo, surfing, ultimate frisbee to kayaking! The choice is of course not easy. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend attending at least one sports club at the university, you get to know a lot of new people and have more contact with Australians themselves. Because a lot of international students live in the Uni Village.

About the place Gold Coast: The Gold Coast is of course beautiful with its beaches, there are great different places for surfing, swimming and chilling out. Especially in Surfers Paradise there are a lot of bars and restaurants. This is probably the place on the Gold Coast with the most tourists. But great for celebrating and relaxing! The nearby airport makes it easy to fly to Sydney or Melbourne for a weekend. This is easy and, with the low-cost airlines, also quite inexpensive. Definitely recommended!

Finally, I would like to recommend taking the get-to-know trip to Byron Bay, firstly, Byron Bay is a wonderfully beautiful beach town and secondly, you get to know a lot of people right at the beginning.

In summary, I can say that this semester was one of my best in my studies. This was not only due to the weather, but also to the country, the people, the university and the language. Griffith University Gold Coast is the right place for anyone who has at least a basic command of the English language, is an open-minded person and is in the mood for adventure.

For everyone who chooses this university: Have fun !!!

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