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Study Abroad at Griffith University – Gold Coast (25)



Since I’ve done a total of four weekend trips and a few day trips, I spent a lot of time at university when I wasn’t out and about. I made many local friends who were also international students and who did it just like me. So we mostly all spent our everyday life at the university together. We then went there by train in the morning, sat in the library or attended our lectures and tutorials, ate lunch together and drove back together in the evening. So we had a good everyday mix of days in the library and traveling, so we managed the workload for university well. Everyday life at the university has many special features brought with it. Already in the orientation week before the semester, I noticed that Griffith University is very interested in giving students a great time. In addition to many information events about the courses, there were information stands with a large number of free promotional gifts, such as drinking bottles, pads, pens, free tickets and vouchers. There were also many events during the semester that were gladly accepted. Every fortnight a food market with live music was set up on campus, before the exam weeks there was the “Stressless Week”with free massages, vegetables, fruit and ice cream for all students and various film and sporting events were offered during the semester. So we were often positively surprised when another “Bib Day” was about to begin.


All in all, I have had incredibly wonderful experiences in the five months. For one thing, I made a lot of friends. I mainly got to know other international students from different countries and I am sure that some friendships will last for a long time. On the other hand, of course, the trips were a great experience. In addition to various weekend and day trips, for example to Brisbane, Springbrook National Park, Melbourne and Sydney, I spent ten days in New Zealand in the mid-semester break and traveled up the east coast of Australia for three weeks after the semester. I can now confirm that traveling brings a very special feeling and that it is both in Australia and New Zealand. There are incredibly beautiful places that you absolutely have to see. Also, getting to know a new culture is a great experience. I got to know the Australians with their easy-going and very helpful manner. As soon as you look around helplessly in the area, an Australian comes to your aid. It’s really a great mentality. Of course I also saw various typical Australian animals such as kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles and snakes.

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Personal development

A semester abroad is definitely worthwhile, especially for personal development. I was able to recognize my own strengths and weaknesses in a completely new way. I would also recommend everyone to do a semester abroad on their own. I noticed that it is a whole new experience that nobody has expectations of you or has already pigeonholed you. So I also have completely new sides to myselfget to know. Of course you are always faced with difficulties alone at the other end of the world. The first few weeks in particular are not always easy. For me, for example, finding an apartment was difficult and sometimes brought me to the edge of despair. I quickly got to know different people, but of course it also takes a few days to make real friends. Of course, I also missed my family and friends every now and then and would have loved to have someone around me. However, that means that you can be even prouder that you made such a big step all by yourself and that is really a great feeling. I really enjoyed every single day abroad and made this very clear to me every day. And yet I was looking forward to going home again, which I think is a very good mix for a semester abroad.


I can recommend everyone to do a semester abroad. It is a great experience, especially for personal development, and you definitely come back more confident and self-assured than you were before. Personally, I have also benefited from the semester abroad, both technically and linguistically, and I am very happy to have taken this step.

Criminology and law - Griffith University