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Study Abroad at Griffith University – Gold Coast (16)


Preparation for the stay abroad

I started preparing about nine months in advance. The support from Collage Contact was particularly helpful, who advised me very well and took over the entire organization with the university in Australia. You were the go-between between Griffith University and me, and the entire application process was through Collage Contact. As a result, the application effort was very low.

The flights should be booked as early as possible, as this is a lot of money can be saved. The introductory trip during O-Week is highly recommended. This is clearly the best and easiest way to get to know new people at the beginning.

University and study

The university offers the perfect study opportunities. All rooms are technically up to date. Everywhere on campus there are computers, laptops and tablets that can be used freely. There are many places and rooms that can be used for self-study or for group work. The campus is large and has a lot to offer, such as various cafes, the university bar, restaurants, a gym and various relaxation options.

I had 4 courses. Each course consisted of 2 hours of lecture and 1 hour of tutorial. Sometimes shorter. In addition to the lectures, there is always something to do, as there are 4 examinations per course (mid-term, essay, online homework, tutorial participation, final exam…..). Sounds like more effort than it actually is. If you just have to pass and the grades are not transferred, you have a very relaxed semester ahead of you. Griffith has a very good intranet where all important information is collected and appointments, lectures and exams are coordinated. This makes studying much easier. The entire course is in English (as you would expect). Your own English doesn’t have to be perfect. In an emergency, free English help can be used. which is very useful, especially with the first assignments. I don’t think it makes sense to buy the suggested books. Hardly anyone has done this and everyone got through their studies without any problems. The lecture materials are available online and an older version of most of the books is available in the library.


When I arrived I stayed in a hostel in Surfers Paradise for the first three days (Buds Hostel is highly recommended). From there I picked out apartments. Pages like or are ideal for this. It is also advisable to meet other exchange students early on (arrange to meet via the official Facebook group). That’s how I got to my apartment. Another alternative is to simply walk through the skyscrapers on the beach and ask at reception for vacancies. As a result, a large number of them found their apartments. I lived in a shared apartment in one of the high-rise buildings on the 21st floor on the beach in Surfers Paradise and can only recommend it (Focus building). Most of the buildings offer the same advantages such as pool, tennis court, BBQ area and a gym. This was clearly the best and cheapest (under $ 200 a week for a single king bed) alternative to living. The Uni Village is not recommendable from my point of view, as life mainly takes place in Surfers Paradise and is way too overpriced ($ 250 per week). In addition, other places in the vicinity such as Labrador are not recommended. Everyone who lived there regretted it and tried to move to Surfers Paradise. In addition, other places in the vicinity such as Labrador are not recommended. Everyone who lived there regretted it and tried to move to Surfers Paradise. In addition, other places in the vicinity such as Labrador are not recommended. Everyone who lived there regretted it and tried to move to Surfers Paradise.

  • Visit justinshoes to learn more about country of Australia and continent of Oceania.


Since the last semester, the TRAM has been driving from Surfers Paradise to right in front of the university. A semester ticket is not offered. However, you can get a discounted ticket (concession card). To do this, however, you need another card, the TTCC. This should be requested as soon as possible, preferably before the start of the O-Week or online from Germany, as this can otherwise take a long time and you cannot use the reduced ticket during that time.


There are enough leisure opportunities available. The good weather and the proximity to the beach offer perfect sports opportunities. Beach volleyball, swimming, sunbathing, jogging or a workout on the beach, the conditions are excellent. There are also tennis, basketball and volleyball courts on campus, which can be booked for a small fee. However, if these are not booked, you can play there for free.

In the vicinity (approx. 1-2 hours drive) there are various national parks that are ideal for day trips. Leamington National Park, Springbrook National Park and the Currumbin Rockpools are worth seeing and a good change from city life. An insider tip is the Mt. Warning sunrise hike. The journey time is approx. 1.5 hours. To be on the mountain in time for sunrise, you have to drive off at night and hike up in the dark for about 1.5-2 hours. Except for the last 200 meters, the hike is not particularly demanding. Once at the top, you have a breathtaking view of the entire Gold Coast and you are also at the point where you can see the sunrise in Australia first.

Of course, the nightlife is not neglected. Clubs are open every day and entice visitors with specials such as ladies night or drink specials. The L-card, which can be bought for about $ 5- $ 10 in the law building or in the first week in front of the library, is particularly important. This card allows free entry to almost all clubs before 11am, which saves a lot of money.

On Sundays, everyone goes out to eat in the Irish Pub Waxys, which has steaks for $ 2 that also taste really good. An alternative is Dominos Pizza for $ 5.


For groceries, the Coles and Woolworth supermarkets are on site. There is also an Aldi, but it is difficult to get to without a car. The food is comparatively expensive. However, buying the specials and own brands can save a lot of money. Alcohol is also significantly more expensive than in Germany. High-proof is almost unaffordable if you are used to German standards. Beer is also comparatively expensive and not nearly as good as German beer. That is why many use the goon (wine in cartons), which is available for $ 10 for 4l. It’s not particularly tasty, but it does the job. However, only real wine connoisseurs like it.

Griffith University GCI Insights