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Study Abroad at Griffith University – Gold Coast (15)


From October 11, 2018 to February 26, 2019, I was in beautiful Australia and completed a Study Abroad semester at Griffith University in Gold Coast, where I took courses for the Bachelor of Business. There are several reasons why I decided to study abroad in Australia. On the one hand, I wanted to improve my English skills and, on the other hand, I have always been fascinated by the nature of Australia. The selection of the university was also relatively clear, as Griffith University is among the top three percent worldwide.


I decided to spend a semester abroad with my sister a few months before I started my trip. With the extensive support from MicroEDU, the application to Griffith University went almost smoothly. After a short time we received the confirmation and could start preparing. After the course registration and the secure acceptance, we first had to pay the tuition fees in order to be able to apply for a visa. I received my visa after a few days, so I was able to book my plane ticket with a clear conscience. Then I applied for BAföG abroad. In experience reports, I have learned that you shouldn’t rent an apartment in advance, but look for a suitable apartment on site, as this is relatively quick in Australia. Therefore, I had booked a motel room for the first week so that I could only look for an apartment during this time.

Arrival in Australia

I decided on a flight with stopovers because on the one hand a direct flight would be too long for me and on the other hand because I wanted to take the opportunity to stop over in other cities. So I first flew 8 hours to Dubai and spent a day there to see the city. This was followed by a 16-hour flight to Brisbane. A driver was already waiting at the airport in Brisbane, who was sent on behalf of our university and drove us to our motel. In the following days we tried to find a suitable and furnished apartment on realestate.com.au because we decided against living in student residences. In a few days we found what we were looking for and were able to move into our new apartment.

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Griffith University orientation week introduced us to the university and campus life. We were able to make new contacts and signed up for day trips for the Griffith Mates. The study system was not very different from the German school system, there were lectures in large groups and exercises in small groups. However, tests, essays, oral exams and term papers were written throughout the semester, which was a bit overwhelming at first. However, at the end of the semester you were better prepared and had to study less for the final exams.

The campus was really big and beautiful, but we were at the university for trimester 3. During this trimester, most students are on vacation, so the campus was relatively empty and there were many foreign students in attendance. This didn’t bother me, I just thought it was a shame that some clubs and student activities were closed at this time.

At Griffith University I took the courses “Language and Communication for Business and Commerce”, “Introduction to Marketing” and “Economics for Decision Making”. Each course included a weekly lecture (120min) and an hour of practice (50min). In some lectures and in every tutorial there is a strict attendance requirement, and from a certain number of hours of absence, the final exam is blocked. In addition, one course also offered “learning hours” for older students in the higher semester, in which a small group of students was taught mainly through group work. Compared to the courses in Germany, the courses were very practical.

My English skills were greatly improved through my stay and the constant use of the English language. I also had no great difficulties following the course content, as the professors spoke clearly and relatively slowly.


The costs for the semester abroad were very high. The tuition fees including the visa were based on almost 6,000 euros. In addition, my 1-room apartment by the sea cost around 900 euros per month. In addition, there are electricity and internet costs every month. The cost of food was roughly the same as here in Germany. If you want to travel a lot during your stay abroad, you should save some money beforehand.


I had a lot of free time during my studies in Australia because I set my schedule so that I only had to go to university three days a week. I spent the remaining days exploring everything in the Gold Coast and the surrounding area. This included many incredible national parks with wonderful animals and breathtaking nature. I spent many sunny days on many beaches, as the weather in the Gold Coast was often very nice at this time of year. I also visited the cities of Brisbane and many theme parks.

We also flew to Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland and checked out these beautiful cities.


All in all, I really enjoyed my time in Australia. Even though I got homesick towards the end because I missed friends and family, it was difficult for me to say goodbye. The people in Australia always seemed friendly and relaxed to me. The nature was beautiful and the cities fascinated me.

I can recommend a semester abroad through MicroEDU at Griffith University in Gold Coast. It was a wonderful and valuable time that I spent in Australia and during which I learned a lot.

Orientation and enrolment - Griffith College