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Would you like to do a semester abroad, but you are not yet sure where to go? Unfortunately, I cannot make this decision for you, but I can tell you about my semester abroad in Australia and thus maybe make your decision a little easier.

At the beginning of April I decided to go to Griffith University in Brisbane / Gold Coast – and I haven’t regretted this decision.

The preparation time with application, visa and DAAD test went relatively smoothly and with the help of MicroEDU also pretty quickly. The best way to get your visa is online, it’s the fastest and the requirements for the DAAD test are easy to master at Griffith University. Once you have been accepted, you have to take care of the courses… find out in advance which courses suit you and which are perhaps too difficult, because the university does not check whether you are really suitable for the chosen courses. If you should have difficulties registering or similar, all you have to do is contact the “international representative” of the university, who will always help you and quite quickly. They are also your contacts on site in all emergencies.

I already took care of the accommodation in Germany, which in retrospect turned out to be a big mistake. Accommodation marked as student dormitories was more like asylum shelters. After staying in the hostel for a few days (which are usually inexpensive and more than sufficient for a start), I looked around for accommodation on site. So you can be sure that you can really feel comfortable in your home for the next few months. I then decided to live in a kind of student village in Griffith Village. If you don’t mind noise and a lot of partying, want to get to know a lot of people of different nationalities and want to make sure that you don’t live with Germans (bad for the English), you’ve come to the right place. While it’s a little expensive at $ 190, but for me it was definitely worth it. In any case, book it on site, then it is usually cheaper. The walk to the university is 5 minutes and the bus takes you to Surfers Paradise in about 20 minutes. Many have lived in surfers, so you can also look around for apartments, which are also recommended and especially on the beach. A disadvantage of the village is the deposit of 500 euros, which you usually don’t get back in full (the smallest defects on walls etc. are chalked up) and you also have to bring pillows and blankets with you (but these are inexpensive in nearby stores). If you like to party, unfortunately you always have to take a taxi to get back to the village, buses don’t run that late anymore (sharing a taxi, that’s no problem). All in all, personally I definitely liked it there.

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Life in Australia is unfortunately very, very expensive, be it food, clothing, alcohol or cigarettes… everything has its proud price. You just have to learn to save. In addition, for the tuition fees and the flight there is still the BaföG abroad, which you should definitely apply for (this is still possible afterwards!). The food is also rather borderline, good black bread is difficult to find and eating out is usually greasy in character, unfortunately. You have to pay attention to one thing: Aussis always shorten everything, but you will get used to it over time, barbecue means, for example: barbie!

All in all, studying at the university was also quite good. Although I couldn’t have any courses credited to me because of my subject, I would still rate the benefit for me as high. My English has become worlds better and if you study business administration most of the courses will be credited to you and, as I know from stories, the courses are easy to manage. Despite initial difficulties, I also finished my courses pretty well. Mostly you have university three times a week, so mostly three mid-term exams and three final exams. With a healthy learning curve, everything works out fine. The Griffith University campus is very large and you definitely need a map to get around it initially, but it is very nice and the rooms and lecture halls are well equipped and relatively new. The professors and lecturers at the university are very helpful and are always available for questions. The other students also approach you immediately and offer your help. Unfortunately, you have to pay for everything at the university and the textbooks are inhumanly expensive, so go to the library early and take care of books because they are always gone very quickly. In any case, take out a membership in the Student Guild, brings many advantages and price reductions. because they are always gone very quickly. In any case, take out a membership in the Student Guild, brings many advantages and price reductions. because they are always gone very quickly. In any case, take out a membership in the Student Guild, brings many advantages and price reductions.

In addition to studying, you should definitely take the time to explore Australia, because it is such a beautiful country, you will learn to love it. Domestic flights are reasonably priced and cheap hostels are a dime a dozen. It is definitely worth looking at the entire east coast, if you only stay for one semester you will probably not have the time for more. Oh yes, the weather was a bit changeable and we had an unusually large amount of rain, but on the whole it is mostly warm in Australia despite the winter months.

So now I hope that I could help you with your decision. Australia is just amazing and breathtaking, there is a lot to see and a lot to experience and I would say that it was the best time of my life. Have fun!!

Oh yes, one more thing: if you like to party and want to get to know a lot of people at once, be sure to register in advance for the Byron Bay trip, it was just awesome and, besides, Byron Bay is the most beautiful city of all!

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