SparkFun Lance IOIO, a Kit-Interface between Android and Electronic Circuits

Yesterday we did echo that the SparkFun company, in collaboration with Google, officially launched IOIO, a very interesting team for any fan of electronics that allows manage through our Android any electronic device.

A somewhat experienced technology aficionado can return to those days when you could find a practical use for any device, and the introduction of IOIO promises a simple way to get an interface input and output to an external electronic circuit.

This kit is connected to the terminal via USB and, through a Java library, It allows to connect Android applications with the external circuit linking the external plate sensors, input data or any control with the software of the terminal and the capabilities of this.

SparkFun IOIO is compatible with Android 1.5 Cupcake and above, and cost 50 dollars the complete kit, starting their marketing in a few weeks. The connectivity options this paradise for lovers of DIY electronic include digital input/output, PWM, analog input, I2C, SPI and UARTcontrol.

Has already been tested successfully in Nexus One & Nexus S, in addition to the TMobile G1 and the Motorola Droid X, and have a video with an implementation that shows some of the possibilities that will be available to us, we leave you with him:

View the video at the original site.