Sirin Solarin, a New Smartphone Super Safe and Super luxurious

There are those who believe that today’s smartphones are not safe enough. We have seen several companies create products that seek to satisfy the most extreme demands, in the past, both from niche manufacturers (Blackphone, aBlogtoPhone) that most successful (Blackberry Priv). Today we discover a new startup aims to break through in this area: it is called Sirin Labs, which in May will present Solarin, an Android smartphone that will include technology unavailable during normal consumer market coupled with absolute security.

We do not have many details about the device. We know at the moment, which will be based on Android, in unspecified version, and it will have a military-grade security. The construction materials, the company says, will be “the best available in the world.” A device so not only impenetrable, but extremely exclusive: will cost very high, “less than 20,000 dollars,” says Moshe Hogeg, cofounder of the company, which also plans to open its own store in Mayfair, the exclusive district of London.

Hogeg is a name that is already pretty well known in the world of technology. He is the founder of app known as the social network/instant messenger Yo, and photo and video sharing site Mobli. He also created an investment fund known as Singulariteam, which helps to fund the same Sirin. In total, the company has an initial capital of 70 million dollars, involving also the Kazakh Kenges Rakishev, who had the initial idea.

The premises are certainly interesting, though at the time the information is too vague to get an idea. At the moment we have to be content with a website landing with graphics quite Sci-Fi, and a motto- tomorrow’s technology today -intriguing enough; but no data. We’ll see what happens in may, probably towards the end of the month.