Siri Should Learn to Speak Danish

Ever since Apple launched Siri on iPhone 4S have been forever reviled in order not to be Danish, but that she must to learn.

Do you have a iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and Miss being able to speak Danish to it via the function Siri, then there is good news on the way.

Apple looking for employees to help Siri to learn the art to speak Danish. It writes our site.

However, it is not only Danish, as Siri to learn, shows the job advertisement, which can be seen below. Siri should learn to speak and understand a total of nine new languages, as in addition to Danish, among other things, is Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish.

When Siri should be able to use these languages remains to be seen, since the right first to be recruited, etc. but in the meantime we can console ourselves with the fact that Siri needs to learn it.