Sights of Andorra

Sights of Andorra


Visa to Andorra

According to ethnicityology, to enter Andorra, you must obtain a Schengen visa. This may require the following documents: 1. Passport with a valid period of at least 6 months. and the signature of the owner; 2. Copy of civil passport; 3. 2 color. photographs 3.5×4.5; 4. A certificate from work, which indicates: position, personal data and official salary; 5. A copy of a valid international passport on A4 pages; 6. Copies of all international passports used earlier; 7. Proof of solvency to spend at least 50 Euro per person per day; 8. Confirmation of a hotel reservation or an invitation from an individual / legal entity. faces. A visa can be obtained at the Spanish or French embassy. When applying for a visa for a child, you must provide the original or a notarized copy of the birth certificate. For a child to travel with one of the parents, the official permission of the other parent or guardian is required. If there is no other parent, then supporting documents (death certificate or single mother / father certificate) should be submitted. The maximum visa period is 3 months. The size of the consular fee varies depending on which representation the tourist applies to, on average 35 Euro.

Weather in Andorra

Andorra has cold snowy weather in winter and cool summer. The climate is temperate continental. The average temperature in the lower reaches in winter is +2 degrees, in summer – +20 degrees. The average temperature in the mountains in winter is -15 degrees, in summer – 5-10 degrees. For the year falls 500-700 mm. rainfall (mainly October-May), in winter there are often snowstorms and fogs. Approximately 260 days a year in the mountains there is sunny and calm weather. From the beginning of December to the end of April, Andorra receives most of the skiers, but the tourist season is open here all year round.

Sights of Andorra

In the winter season, Andorra is visited by the maximum number of tourists. There are 2 ski resorts in the country: Grand Valira and Vallnord, as well as the resorts of Canillo, Escaldes and Encamp. Grand Valira includes the resort of Soldeu – El Tarter (Soldeu – El Tarter) and Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig (Pas De La Casa – Grau Roig). Vallnord includes: Ordino – Arcalis (Ordino – Arcalis) and Pal – Arinsal (Pal – Arinsal). The ski resorts of Andorra have 178 slopes of varying difficulty, the length of the slopes is 300 km, and the area is 3,075 hectares. 1482 snow cannons ensure the smooth operation of the ski slopes, there are 11 lifts (156 people per hour). In Andorra, hiking tours around the village of Llorts (among the mountains and lakes of Estanis del Aangonella and Estany del Estany), as well as horseback riding, fishing, target shooting and dog sled tours. In the capital, you should definitely visit: the Church of St. Armenol of the 11th century, the residence of the government “House of the Valleys” of the 16th century, the largest thermal complex in Europe, Caldea, the Naturlandia amusement park, the Barri Antique area, the Philatelic Museum in the Sala del Consell building, the house-museum de la Vall, the ancient building of Sete Panis, the Plaza la Poble, the church of Santa Coloma of the 9th-10th centuries, the medieval bridge in the area of ​​La Marguineda and the church of Santuario de Meritsel. In Encamp, it is worth seeing the exposition of the National Museum of Vehicles, the 12th century church of Esglesia San Roma de les Bons. and ride the Funicamp (a unique cable car, 6 km long). The most interesting museums are located in Ordino: the Museum of Orthodox Icons, the Museum of Microminiatures of Nikolai Syadristy, the Ethnographic Museum d’Areni Plandolit, Zoological Museum, National Concert Hall and Museum of Architectural Miniatures of Andorra. In Escaldes, there is a house-museum of Russian nesting dolls. From Andorra, you can go on an excursion to neighboring Spain and France, visit Carcassonne, Barcelona, ​​Girona, Figueres and the Salvador Dali Museum.

National cuisine of Andorra

Popular local dishes: masegada – anise cake, butifarra – Catalan fried sausages, tupi – local cheese, escudella – mashed soup, la parillada – grilled meat platter (pork, rabbit, turkey and beef). Andorra makes excellent wines. Restaurants serve hot wine drink grog with dried apricots.


Andorra does not have its own airport and rail transport. The state uses only vehicles, the infrastructure of which is well developed. Every corner can be reached by shuttle buses, which clearly follow the schedule. There is a car route to Barcelona, Toulouse, as well as to the airports of Barcelona and Toulouse.

Currency exchange in Andorra

You can buy Euro in banks (9.00 – 17.00, lunch from 12.00 – 14.00), as well as in exchange offices, some of them work without commission (Not commission).

Sights of Andorra