Sights and Activities in Acadia National Park, Maine

Sights and Activities in Acadia National Park, Maine

North America

Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse
According to travelationary, Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse is the only lighthouse on Mount Desert Island. There are short hiking trails on either side of the tower, offering spectacular views.

Cadillac Mountain
At 466 m, Cadillac Mountain is not only the highest mountain in the park, but also the highest mountain on the east coast of the United States. It can be reached via a winding, narrow road nearly 6 km (3.5 miles) long. The road is closed from December to April 14 and also due to weather conditions (e.g. thick fog or ice).

Park Loop Road
The 43 km (27 miles) Park Loop Road System offers spectacular views of the park’s ocean and coastline, coastal forests and mountain silhouettes. The historic road network is open April 15 through November, 24 hours a day, weather permitting.

Isle au Haut
Isle au Haut is a relatively remote outpost of Acadia National Park located 5 miles south of Stonington, Maine. More than half of the island (approx. 11 km²) is owned by Acadia National Park, the rest belongs to the community of Isle au Haut. The number of visitors per day is limited. Ferries from Stonington bring visitors to the island, Stonington is approximately 1.5 hours from Bar Harbour.
The rocky coast, wooded highlands, swamps, moors and a freshwater lake can be explored on almost 30 km of hiking trails. The trails are rough and sometimes wet, good walking shoes, warm clothing and rain gear are required. The island has 8km of paved bike trails and 13km of rugged mountain bike trails. Camping is available at Duck Harbor Campground.

Hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, rock climbing, fishing, horseback riding. 200 km of hiking trails, 100 km of forest roads – there is a huge range of activities in Acadia Park.

Several campgrounds are available: Blackwoods Campground (open all year), Seawall Campground (open late May to September), Duck Harbor Campground (Isle au Haut, open 15/05-15/10, permit required).

The weather in Acadia National Park is largely influenced by the sea. Rain is possible at any time throughout the year. In winter, up to 1.5 m of snow falls on average. Due to the influence of the sea with alternating frost and thaw, there are not large amounts of snow.

Fog is possible and temperatures range from -1°C to 21°C. Flies and mosquitoes are common in late May and June and can be a nuisance. Light-colored clothing, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants are recommended for protection.

Summer daytime temperatures range between 16° and 29° C. The evenings are cooler. Clothing in layers is advisable for all boating and hiking. The sea water temperatures range from 10° to 16° C, in the lakes they are between 13° and 22° C.

In autumn, temperatures can reach up to 22°C during the day, and it can freeze at night. All types of weather are possible: sun, fog, downpours to snow showers. Foliage change (“Indian Summer”) takes place during the first few weeks of October.

Due to its location on the coast, snow and weather conditions change very quickly. The temperatures vary between -1° and -10° C.

Average temperatures in Bar Harbor, Maine in °C
Month Jan Feb March Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max -1 2 6 12 18 23 26 26 22 15 9 3
Min -10 -8 -4 2 7 12 15 15 11 6 1 -6

Good gear, clothing appropriate to the season and sound planning are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay

Advance Reservations to Visit Cadillac Mountain
Reservations are not
required for most of the park , but if you want to drive to the lookout—the summit of Cadillac Mountain — reservations are required from May
25 through October 22 .

  • Vehicle reservations are $6 and are sold in advance online at . They cannot be purchased in the park.
  • 30 percent of vehicle reservations are made available 90 days prior to the date. The remaining 70 percent will be released two days before – at 10 a.m. ET.
  • Print or save a digital copy of the vehicle reservation with the confirmation code scanned to verify the reservation. Note that internet connections at the park are unreliable.
  • Visitors must have a park admission ticket in addition to purchasing a Cadillac Summit Road vehicle reservation to enter the park. Park tickets are available at the park or online at .

You can bypass the reservation and reach the summit in a much more comfortable way by climbing it on foot. If you choose to do the South Ridge of Cadillac Mountain Trail, a 7.4-mile loop hike through coniferous forests with beautiful views of Frenchman Bay and the Porcupine Islands awaits you.

This hike ( takes you through cool coniferous forests and up the mountain’s granite shoulders with great views of the Bay and Gulf of Maine. Although park officials class this route as “strenuous,” it’s not all that difficult if you’re not attempting to scale the summit. Once past the forest there are large granite expanses to sit and have a picnic on for a while and of course enjoy the stunning views.

Sights and Activities in Acadia National Park, Maine