Semester Abroad University of Essex 2

Semester Abroad University of Essex (2)


For my semester abroad as a free mover at the University of Essex, I decided on the Autumn Term, i.e. one semester.

Due to a lecture given by MicroEDU at my university, I contacted MicroEDU relatively quickly and asked for advice on the selection and organization of my semester abroad. The contact and communication was always very relaxed and personal, I felt really well advised and informed by MicroEDU. The application process was just as easy, basically just filling out a few forms and MicroEDU will take care of the rest – so the process is very simple here too.

After the successful application, the choice of course was on the program. Since I am studying applied economics, I have also chosen 4 courses from the field of economics. My courses were Macroeconomics, Mathematical Methods of Economics, Financial Innovations and Monetary Policy, and Economics of Transition. The university really offers a huge selection here, so there should be something for everyone.

The coordination with the University of Essex went just as smoothly as with MicroEDU. On October 1st, 2016 I made my way to Essex. I met a large group of international students at the airport and was then taken to the university by bus. This trip had already been organized by the university in advance, so no need to worry. On campus we have arrived first expressed warm welcome and allocated to the respective apartments.

I got an apartment on campus in the South Courts and was extremely happy with the choice. The rooms are relatively large and have enough space. There were 6 rooms per apartment, i.e. 6 students who share the kitchen. The apartment itself made it relatively easy to get to know people straight away. The coexistence was great and friendships quickly developed.

The university itself is located in the south-east of England, around 2 hours’ drive from London. The campus itself is just outside the city of Colchester. In Colchester you have all the options for shopping, going out or eating. The transfer and the means of transport also work great. The buses between the campus and the city run every 15 minutes. From Colchester you can get to London relatively quickly, in about an hour. The campus itself is relatively large, but essentially manageable. Everything you need for daily life can be found on campus, as there is even a supermarket. There is also a gym, a huge library and plenty of places to eat, as well as a few bars / clubs.

The University of Essex places great value on international students and a cosmopolitan climate. Therefore you will get to know many different nations and cultures in Essex, I would not want to miss this experience either. The Essex Abroad Office organizes many events in the first week that quickly make you feel like you’ve been at this university forever. You will also get to know a lot of people quickly, so you will definitely not feel lonely. The lectures started in the second week. The professors and lecturers were really great, the study conditions were great. The university has already been recognized in a large number of rankings.

According to ANYCOUNTYPRIVATESCHOOLS, There are a variety of events that you can also attend voluntarily. The lectures are always varied, for example there were two lectures given by an economist from the Bank of England. At the end of the semester, i.e. in the week before Christmas, the exams are then written. The support on the part of university and the Student Union, I must also praise. Everyone you come into contact with will greet you very warmly and helpful. In your free time, all options are actually open to you. The sea ​​and the coast are 30 minutes away by bus and as I said, London is not far away either. Colchester itself is a small but very lovable town. The university offers an extremely large number of sports that you can try your hand at.

All in all, I was really happy at the University of Essex. The semester abroad was definitely worth it, even if it wasn’t exactly cheap. The tuition fees, rent and cost of living are relatively expensive – but a part can be covered with the help of scholarships.

Semester Abroad University of Essex 2