Samsung Would Have Shown The S8 in a PPP Official Galaxy Design

One of the few mysteries that remain unsolved Galaxy S8 is their design, as would be a great change regarding their previous generations. Renderings of the covers that would lead, with which you can guess, in part, have been what the terminal Samsung star for this year.

The latest renderings of the flagship Korean offer agree a front in which almost everything is screen and in which the classic ‘home button ‘ that so many years have been using disappears. It is now an official application for the Samsung which seems to confirm to a large extent the leaks of the possible design of the phone.

Korean manufacturer warned at the time that it would launch Secure Folder, that was for the first time on the missing Note 7 to all Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge upgrade to Nougat as a downloadable feature. In fact, if by some miracle of destiny already have Android 7.0 in one of the above phones, you can download the apk now.

It is there, in Secure Folder, where can be seen, as he does not want the thing, drawings in which appears the possible S8 Galaxy. He is how the top and bottom edges are very small and the ‘home’ button is not. That picture, you will see a little further up, appears Once you install the application in your S7/S7 Edge and run it for the first time. It seems that, after all, the renderings were on track.