Samsung Would Have Ended The Galaxy Research Note 7, Soon Will Publish The Results

With the year just begun still is present the mystery which resulted in that Note 7 battery burn and cause the problems that are already known and other many who remain anonymous. It could be that, this time Yes, the end of the saga is close and let us know what all is what made that one of the phablets of the year was the biggest failure.

Already one month ago we mentioned that the cause, or at least one of them, could be the aggressive design of the terminal, pawning is Samsung to make the terminal more compact as possible by limiting the space which would have the battery, which when it comes to swell by use, this began to burn by the union of the anode and cathode.

According to the South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo, Samsung would have already completed the investigation of the problem and would publish it already this month, possibly to mid. It is also said that it might be an accumulation of causes which were causing the battery to burn, so we will know if the cockpit too tight to the battery is one of them.

This measure, in addition to resolving the questions that we have about this problem, It could serve the Korean manufacturer to recover confidence in the brand, or that seems to be the intention of Samsung. Will you rest in peace Note 7 definitively with resolution with the response to our questions? We’ll, hopefully, during this month.