Samsung Galaxy Player: Range Whole Already He Is Sold in Korea

Some time ago that we know of the existence of the range Samsung Galaxy Player, Although we have not been enjoying them by our lands. This range of Android media players are designed for compete directly with the iPod Touch, are smartphones Samsung Galaxy range, what is the iPod Touch to iPhone.

Among its features they are equipped with Android 2.2 Froyo, Although it seems that they will be updated to Gingerbread, with all that this implies: thousands of apps on Android Market, support for Adobe Flash, Google like Gmail or Google Maps applications, etc. Its hardware is more than enough to move Android and to enjoy all the multimedia contents, as well as adding camera, DLNA connectivity, WiFi or Bluetooth.

Waiting for the smaller version of the range, the three models which had currently been submitted they can already be purchased at South Korea: 50 Player (YP-G50) Galaxy, Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 (yp-GB1) and Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 (yp-GB70). The three models are very similar, and they differ mainly by their size and the size of your screen, in addition to the 50 version has a less powerful processor.

In Spain we can currently purchase the Galaxy 50 Player from 8GB at a price that round between the 160 and €180. This seems to be, for the moment, the only model with ballots for his arrival in Europe.