RoseWheel, a Vehicle Type SegWay Controlled from Android

RoseWheel It is a project to control a vehicle type SegWay through a mobile phone and is curiously on the platform Android. The SegWay is an electronic vehicle of two wheels thanks to a system of gyroscopes can be controlled through the system of pressure we exert on their basis. Surely you’ve seen one in your city and more than one will have already tested discovering the fun of their management/control.

In this case we speak of a project for a vehicle that follows the same concept but with the peculiarity that is also possible remotely controlled, with or without a passenger, through an application developed in Android. Because our Android terminals also have a gyroscope, can emulate its steering system perfectly. In the following video you can see a demonstration of how this prototype, very cuirioso.

The relevant news is to discover how a few years ago used the Windows Mobile platform to implement research projects of this type and that today Android begins to be used as a platform base.

Use Android as a development platform for deploying in prototypes has which is a free platform where in addition you can install applications directly without the need for any type of authorization from Google and also their SDK is available for ‘ any ’ operating system.