Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island State Travel Guide

North America

According to abbreviationfinder, Rhode Island is located in the northeastern United States, between Massachusetts (north and east), Connecticut (west), and the Atlantic Ocean (south). The state is divided into seven regions, namely Blackstone Valley, Block Island, East Bay, Newport, Providence, Warwick, and South Country. The state is also part of New England.

The Northeast of the USA is a region of extremes. The Ocean State has a humid continental climate, with a short but warm summer and heavy snowfall and cold temperatures well below freezing in the winter. Temperatures can be between -40°C and +40°C in summer and winter! In autumn it is surprisingly warm, when the mercury hovers around 25°C. However, at night the temperature drops to zero degrees, so pack warm clothes. Hurricanes and blizzards are also not uncommon here. Without a doubt, fall is the very best time to visit tiny Rhode Island. From the end of September, the discoloration line arrives; by mid-October all the leaves have fallen.

Flora and fauna

The most common tree here is the mighty maple with its distinctive leaves. In addition, there are red cedars, oaks and tulip poplars, as well as more than 40 species of ferns and 30 species of orchids. Yet it is not only the trees that provide the necessary atmosphere. What many people forget is that ivy in all species determines a large part of the color of the environment. Many mammals have fallen victim to the growing population of Rhode Island. However, there is still plenty of wildlife to see off the coast and in the waters. Swordfish, bluefish, lobsters, clams, brown trout and catfish live there in relative abundance. Threatened species within the state also include the minke whale and the humpback whale.

Main cities

According to countryaah, Providence is the state capital of Rhode Island. In addition, larger cities such as Warwick, Newport, East Providence and Cranston are also frequently mentioned.


Autumn in New England is a spectacle. Lower temperatures and shorter days mean that the stately trees in this region shed their billions of leaves. But not before the forests give away an unparalleled color show, from juicy green to the most dazzling variations of yellow, brown, red and orange. There are several atmospheric routes through New Hampshire, of which the trip through the cities of Newport and Providence and the winding ride along Narraganset Bay and Conanicut Island are the most beautiful. Those who can leave the car parked can saddle the horses. At Goddard Park, East Greenwich, there are countless trails waiting to be explored.


In addition to the world-famous jazz festival, Newport is above all a very charming coastal town. The sometimes breathtaking colonial mansions with accompanying gardens are a feast for the eyes, as are the lighthouses and places of worship.

Historic Route 1

One of America’s oldest roads—Historic Route 1, from the Florida Keys to Maine—runs partially through Rhode Island. With the most beautiful stretches of beach along the way, lovely Newport and the colonial state capital of Providence.

Rhodes Island