Retro Universe Is Part of Mtv’s Network of Sites

From the month of June, the Retro Universe becomes part of the network of websites and b-logs by MTVportal. With about of 10 months in the air and almost 8000 followers on Facebook, the site commemorates this recognition and the possibility to have your content shared by the online media of cable TV channel.

“To UR, the partnership with MTV represents a big step, which ensures even greater public access to the vintage scene and the contents which blend retro and current events. We are very happy with the partnership and guarantee that this is just the first news that we have prepared for this second half! “reveals Frank Adams, editor of Retro Universe.

In July, the Retro 1 year full Universe of activity and even in little time, celebrates great achievements. Devised a program of Internet radio service and a WebSeries (both going through changes at the moment), participated in major events and had your name tied to projects, such as the memorable calendar of Pin-Ups, Charity in partnership with Be a Bombshell.

“Although we focus in the past, while MTV is positioned as a fully modern, we believe that we can bring to your audience relevant historical information, in addition to this delicious blend of references from the past that exists today in pop culture. The retro has never been so high! “, complete Daise.

For more than 20 years, MTV Brazil was a brazilian television station belonging to Grupo Abril, however, recently, the administration of the canal passed into the hands of the American company Viacom (Nickelodeon and VH1) on pay-per-view. The content of the channel continues to be dedicated to music and the young audience and has impressed by your high quality.