Yakhimov, Czech Republic

Resorts of Podebrady and Yakhimov, Czech Republic


Resort Podebrady

Podebrady is an old picturesque resort town, located in the Polabska lowland, just 50 kilometers from the capital of the Czech Republic. The resort became widely known for its remarkable healing results in the 20th century, although it was first mentioned as a settlement from 1224.

The city, surrounded by forests, meadows and natural parks, has a beautiful beach on the lake, tennis courts, a golf course, volleyball and basketball fields, playgrounds, an arena with the possibility of renting riding horses. Thanks to the successful development of balneology, the silence and well-groomed magnificent parks and gardens, as well as the rich cultural, sports and social life, Poděbrady has become a permanent place of rest and treatment for many people from all over the world.

Natural mineral water, classified as cold alkaline muriatic acidic mineral water, has a positive effect on spa treatment, its temperature is 12-13 degrees Celsius, it is located at a depth of 80-100 m. In the vicinity of Poděbrady, this water is saturated with carbon dioxide, which makes it acidic mineral water, in addition to being saturated with hydrogen sulfide and dissolved salts from the rocks of the base.

The main specializations
are heart diseases (conditions after heart attacks, coronary heart disease, cardiac asthma, postoperative conditions, conditions after myocardial inflammation, congenital and acquired heart valve defects);
– metabolic diseases (diabetes, high cholesterol and blood lipids);
– disease of the musculoskeletal system;
– a disease of the nervous system.

The main methods of treatment
are drinking cure;
– water procedures (massage in the bath, underwater massage, swimming in the pool with mineral water);
– massages;
– electrotherapy;
– magnetotherapy;
– compresses;
– oxygen therapy;
– pneumopuncture.

Relaxation Program

The soul and body sometimes needs a break to return to a state of absolute health, since a large number of harmful factors act on us every day – a crowded calendar of business meetings, problems in the family or circle of friends, everyday stress. If we add to this an incorrect, sedentary lifestyle, inappropriate nutrition – all this leads to a violation of self-regulation systems and damage to health. Break this cycle with the help of modern spa treatments, and you will be able to return the body and soul to a state of balance and strengthen the nervous system and health.

The relaxation program is designed for 14 days and includes:
– Accommodation in a sanatorium with a permanent medical service, dietary meals (full board)
– Introductory and final medical examinations
– Drinking treatment
– 6x swimming pool or whirlpool bath
– 12x physiotherapy, 6x hydrotherapy
– 4x massage (classical, partial or underwater)
– 4x muscle stimulator or machine lymphatic drainage

Medical indications for a relaxation program:
– daily stress associated with job and family responsibilities;
– overload and overload mental and physical;
– circulatory disorders of vegetative etiology;
– chronic fatigue;
– impaired ability to concentrate;
– insomnia;
– headache;
– functional disorders of digestion.

Yakhimov resort

According to eTaizhou Meanings, the Czech spa Jachymov is located in a picturesque forest valley at the foot of the Ore Mountains, 17 km from Karlovy Vary, at an altitude of 650 m above sea level. This small town, founded in 1516 by Count Schlick, has long been famous for the wealth of minerals (about 230 types of minerals). Thanks to the discovery of huge deposits of silver ores in the 16th century,

Jáchymov received the status of a royal city and the right to mint the famous Jáchymov coins – tolars, the forerunners of American dollars. The prerequisite for the creation of the world’s first radon spa resort in 1906 was the scientific discovery of the spouses Pierre and Marie Curie, who isolated the first radioactive elements from Jáchymov ore: radium and polonium.

At the site of the resort, from a former mine, the depth of which reaches 500 m, three springs come to the surface: “Akademik Behounek”, “Curie” and “Curie 1” with a temperature of 32 * C, a water flow of 400 l / s and a high content radon.

Radon baths, which have a good therapeutic effect, are taken in air-conditioned balneological buildings, which ensure the elimination of unwanted decay products. The resort uses a complex method of treatment, thanks to which very high results are achieved, which, moreover, last longer than the results of drug treatment. The fact that Jáchymov’s methods of treatment are well tolerated by patients is evidenced by the fact that older patients with cardiovascular diseases, who are contraindicated in mud spas, are also successfully treated.

The complex spa treatment also includes therapeutic nutrition, all types of basic diets. Patients are given the opportunity for cultural recreation, excursions and trips are organized to get acquainted with the surrounding sights.

Basic Treatments

– radon baths
– radon galvanic baths
– chamber baths

– collective exercise therapy
– individual exercise therapy in a pool with warm water
– exercise on devices
– ergotherapy

– electrotherapy – Tens, Diadynamik, Trebert currents, interference currents, etc..
– magnetic impulse field
– laser therapy, ultrasound, diathermy, cryotherapy, inhalation and others

– classical, reflex massage, partial massage
– drainage of the lymphatic tract, vacuum-compression treatment
– apparatus massage

– underwater massages
– whirlpool massages
– Scottish shower (Sharko shower) –
pearl massages

Special therapies: – brachiradium
therapy and Radiotherapy manipulation techniques Indications for spa treatment – Diseases of the locomotor system

a) inflammatory – rheumatoid arthritis and all other types of rheumatism, psoriatic arthritis, spondylitis ankylosans – Bechterew’s disease
b) degenerative – diseases of the joints of the extremities and spine
c) systemic – scleroderma, systemic lupus, myositide, etc.
d) other – conditions after accidents and operations of the locomotor apparatus, including endoprostheses and operations of the spine
– Diseases of the peripheral nervous system: neuralgia, neuritis, root syndromes of the spine
– Metabolic diseases: diabetes mellitus, gout, etc.
– Osteoporosis

– tumors;
– acute infectious diseases;
– active form of tuberculosis;
– acute heart failure;
– acute psychogenic diseases;
– tumors in the active phase.

Yakhimov, Czech Republic