Product Test: Evestar Ipod Pig

You bastard
Where we are today in the case of sound systems for the iPod, I would not like to subdue and again an excursion into our cyberportSTORE here on site. Sound systems especially for Apple’s iPod exist like sand at the sea, because one or the other manufacturer has something to deliberately out of the mass to stand out. In the best case, this can be achieved through good quality, in the worst-case scenario, one can revert to controversial design experiments. Evestar also had the last-mentioned idea when she fattened her iPod pig in stables to the market.
The little sound piggy would make us believe that from his mouth not only grunt noises escap, but also a rich song sound. Is this really possible? Before I briefly share my short experiences here with the readers, the technical data briefly outlined:

Tweeter: 2x 4 W

Subwoofer: 15W

Remote control/AUX-In

Compatibility: All dockable iPod and iPhone models

Besides the white standard model, we also have a pink version with built-in rechargeable battery . The manufacturer’s website verweit addition still other colors, such as black, red and yellow.

Operation and design
The iPod pig is quite compact, as can be seen in the pictures. In the rear section there is the on / off switch, the bass control as well as the inputs for the power supply or for a separate sound source. The docking port is located at the top, and takes up any iPod model or iPhone.At this point, the first criticism. The dock is recessed too deep into the case, so that an iPod nano can only be used with the remote control, because the play button is no longer accessible. The volume control is sensitive via hand over the pig’s ears, but an analogous control would be more accurate and desirable.

Sound quality
Well, there is no miracle and you probably would not expect any. The iPod pig makes music, for the children’s room, the bathroom or the kitchen likes it. Otherwise the sound carpet appears very flat. Above all, the bass control can not fully convince. Probably the built-in subwoofer is too weak, because a real difference I do not determine, this falls only marginally between the maximum and minimum setting.

Before the conclusion, again briefly the positive and negative points:


“Funny design” (although one can argue about it excellently)

With about 80 euros still not too expensive


Remote control is a must, as the dock for the “manual” control too deeply installed

Sound quality only average

And how does the pig? Right, grunz, grunz! As a gift idea for the children or as a party gag, the iPod pig can suffice as a “real” sound system rather not – but you do not always take everything seriously;-).