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In the Canadian city of Halifax in the province of Nova Scotia, there is still a lot of culture and authenticity to be found. They certainly try to keep up with the times without losing a lot of culture and traditions. According to How Slang, Halifax Harbor plays an important role both in history and today. In addition to various museums, there is also entertainment and entertainment. For example, a large market is organized every Saturday where many a farmer from the area exhibits his products. With the world famous tugboat ‘Theodore Tugboat’ you can take a trip through the harbor and learn all the ins and outs about this important place in Halifax in a very relaxed way. The British Army has been stationed in Halifax for a long time. Much of this can be seen in the eighteenth century citadel also known as Fort George. The variety of fascinating museums, nice galleries, good restaurants, famous festivals and historical sites make Halifax a very nice destination.

Halifax ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Halifax Citadel
Also known as Fort George, this important national landmark of Halifax highlights a piece of history when the city played an important role as a naval base for the British Empire. During a walk through the Citadel you will encounter people from history here and there. They provide a good reflection of how things were at the time. This way you can encounter a bagpiper or a soldier. You can book guided tours that tell fascinating stories about everything that once happened. Not unimportant to mention is the more than great view that you get from the citadel over the city and its harbor.

#2. Theodor Tugboat
Virtually every child in Canada grows up with Theodor Tugboat’s films. And for several years now, the program has been on television in more than eighty countries. Theodor Tugboat’s roots are in Halifax. Andrew Cochran came up with the idea of ​​capturing the work of the Halifax harbor in a childish way. The small tugboat experiences all kinds of exciting adventures. Today, you can book tours where you take a trip through the harbor of Halifax with Theodore Tugboat. The tour is not only fun, but also educational. All kinds of aspects of working in the port are discussed in a fun way.

#3. Halifax Public Gardens
The lovely green oasis that bears the name Halifax Public Gardens is a beautiful sight. The park has no less than sixteen hectares and is completely filled with special plants, flowers, trees and the artificially created Griffin pond. With a beautiful bandstand, all kinds of statues, bridges and fountains they have tried to give the park a Victorian appearance. The wrought iron gate at the entrance fully matches the character of the park. It is opulent with a stately appearance.

#4. Cathedral Church of All Saints
On August 12, 1887, the foundation stone of the current cathedral was laid. A good location was sought so that this Cathedral Church of All Saints would be easily accessible from every corner of Halifax. The nearby churches of St. Luke and St. Stephen slowly emptied as a result. The wooden ‘St. Luke’s’ from 1845 was replaced by the Cathedral Church of All Saints. The Gothic-style Halifax Cathedral still holds a lot of prestige. Both architecturally and with its genuine beauty. The beautiful stained glass window above the altar was not added until about 1921. All kinds of passages from the Bible are impressively depicted.

#5. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Right in the center of Halifax is Canada’s largest and oldest maritime museum. With gems such as the CSS Arcadia steamship and a real production model by Theodore Tugboat, the museum has been attracting thousands of visitors for several years. In addition to many prints, books, changing exhibits, replicas and dozens of small craft, there is also a permanent exhibition dedicated to the famous sunken Titanic.

#6. Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery
About 1820, the Alexander Keith Brewery was established on Lower Water Street in Halifax. Since then, they have worked hard to get the beer well on the market. The most popular product from the Alexander Keith’s brewery is the India Pale Ale. During a 55-minute tour through this brewery you will learn everything about the delicious beers that are brewed there. Of course, tasting it is an important part.

#7. Halifax Farmers’ Market
On pier 20 in Halifax you can visit a market on Saturday morning where you will find the best regional products from the wider area. The local population and certainly the tourists here buy all kinds of honest delicacies such as the famous Canadian Maple Syrup, wine, organic vegetables and/or fruit and products made from maple. In addition to the foodstuffs, all kinds of handicrafts and crafts are also performed. In addition to the many delights, it is also educational. A nice tip is to find the stall behind which the Dutch Willem sells his delicious cheeses (Dutchman’s Gouda).

#8. Privateers’ Wharf
These historic warehouses are perhaps the cosiest part of Halifax. The buildings, including some historic ones, have always contributed to the city’s thriving prosperity. Trade has been conducted for centuries and still is today. There are some catering establishments, offices and shops. On one of the terraces at Salty’s Restaurant or Harborside Market you can enjoy this beautiful part of the city of Halifax on the harbor.

#9. bluenose
The name Bluenose can be found in several places in Halifax. You have for example the Bluenose Marathon, Bluenose II Restaurant, Bluenose street and Bluenose tours. Bluenose is a sailing ship from the history of Halifax that still has a special reputation. It is even a national symbol. He is featured on various stamps, license plates and on the Canadian dime coin. The Bluenose sailing ship was used to fish for cod, among other things, and many competitions were won with it. Later the ship was used as a freighter for the West Indies. Today there are good replicas of the Bluenose to visit and even sail. The Bluenose II offers fun tours and excursions.

#10. Pier 21
This national immigration museum introduces you to Canada in a fascinating way. The building in which this museum is located once served as a passenger terminal for people who wanted to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Among the sights in this museum are hundreds of old books, films and documentation from during World War II.

Halifax, Canada