Novigrad, Croatia

Novigrad, Croatia


According to Clothesbliss, Novigrad, a small fishing town, is located on the western coast of Istria, 5 km from Umag and 16 km from Poreč. There are narrow streets, ancient buildings and a beautiful church. All this Middle Ages is quite successfully superimposed by a modern tourist infrastructure, which is ideal for a relaxing holiday. The undoubted plus of the place is the gently sloping pebble beaches that are rare for this region.

Novigrad’s main annual event is Europe’s largest fish festival, which takes place here in August. And also: the Heineken Jazz Festival, which also falls in August.

Phone numbers

8-10-385-52-phone number

How to get there

There are no problems with how to get to Novigrad. Pula International Airport is located 65 km from it, you can take a taxi from the airport, the services of which are very well developed in Croatia, or use an intercity bus. Of course, you can rent a car: the roads in Croatia are good, the traffic is usually calm.

Hotels and restaurants

Despite the medieval flavor, the city has a well-developed infrastructure: hotels, apartments, restaurants and entertainment venues in Novigrad are designed to receive a number of tourists three times the number of residents of the city. The hotels here are hospitable (however, as in all of Croatia), the staff in them works clearly and smoothly, so all guests find comfort and relaxation here. A very popular hotel, 1 km away from the city, Maestral 3 *. It stands 200 meters from the coastline, has its own pebble beach and offers an extensive range of services not only for recreation and sports, but also for business: a restaurant, a tavern, a conference room, an outdoor pool, an indoor pool with heated sea water, a beauty salon, gym, souvenir shop, 17 tennis courts with various surfaces, fields for mini-golf and mini-football. In general, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay, and if Croatia weren’t such a stunningly interesting country, you wouldn’t have to leave the hotel at all. But Croatia is interesting in all respects, not only natural and architectural and historical.

Entertainment and attractions in Novigrad

The town is small, the streets are crooked, but how much charm and charm these old streets are fraught with. How many sights can be seen in this city. Ancient Romanesque-Gothic buildings, baroque churches, dilapidated old city walls evoke thoughts of bygone times. Of interest is the crypt, which is located under the altar of the parish church of St. Pelagia and St. Maximus. Here you can see a collection of liturgical items and items that made the glory of the cutters from Novigrad. The three-nave basilica, built in the 5th-6th centuries during the creation of the Novigrad Diocese, its decor (more precisely, the remains of the decor) can tell a lot to those who are interested in European history. The basilica received its modern neo-classical façade in 1935 and, possibly.

In the meantime, you can enjoy choral singing during the services taking place in the basilica: the acoustics here are very good, it makes the voices of the singers deep and bright.

A simple walk along the medieval streets of Novigrad will bring real pleasure: the air here is saturated with sea wind, and the plants are extraordinarily beautiful due to the mild Mediterranean climate. Novigrad is famous for its very beautiful multi-kilometer embankment-promenade – an indispensable attribute of resort life. To this it must be added that it is in the vicinity of Novigrad that there are a small number of sandy beaches, which is rare in Croatia.


Many festivals take place in the country during the holiday season. Some of them are based in Novigrad. Two of them are widely known not only to tourists, but also to music lovers: this is the Jazz Festival, which takes place here annually under the auspices of the Heineken concern, and the ethno-folk festival dedicated to the patron saint of the city, Pelagus. Both of them take place in August, and therefore it can be difficult to book a hotel for this period, you need to do it in advance. However, in June there is also some tension with accommodation, due to the Trans Adriatica regatta taking place at that time, starting in Venice. But at this time, the probability of running into some celebrity on the streets of the city who came to participate, “cheer” or simply admire the beautiful yachts increases sharply.

Novigrad, Croatia