Nokia Lumia 920-Test Is in Progress

Web TV: Lumia 920 is just just a little better than the other. Here are the first impressions of the Nokia’s new top model. View with here.

It recently while I have with great pleasure tested Windows Phone 8 x by HTC, which became the first smartphone on the market in Denmark, with Windows Phone 8 System.

Although HTC’en is not perfect, so it’s a really good phone. Special size is a plus.

Precisely for this reason, I have been cautious across Nokia’s Lumia 920, which weighs just about 180 grams. I’m with you that it is better on the specifications than 8 x, but the weight is also then.

My eyesight has however changed. It really does work like that to get much out of the extra weight. Wireless charging is nothing less than brilliant, and access to 4 g-data, not only at selected operators, is a huge argument in itself.

Real good pictures

The camera with the Pure View technology is something Nokia strikes hard, as they can. My first tests show that the makes it quite excellent. As one reader wrote after I had published a photo article:

-“I am really positive surprised, very even. These images are easily on a par with my Nikon D300 SLR camera. In terms of detail, white balance and contrast “.

In the above web-TV feature, you can hear more about my first impressions of the Nokia flagship store, which will hit stores on 29. November.

I will continue testing the Lumia 920. Do you have questions that you think I should get in on, in the final review, then wrote a comment below.