Nokia-Boss: Still No Thanks to Android

It is too hard to stand out as a maker of Android phones, says Its Director. He regrets not Windows Phone-betting.

Android has just been touted for smartphone-King with a market share of 75 percent in a study from our site.

Nokia had the ability to jump on the train, but chose instead to concentrate on Windows Phone, which so far have hijacked two percent of the market.

Anyway, there is no regret to track with Nokia’s ceo, Stephen Elop, who would still say no thanks to Android.

-“The reason why we did not choose Android two years ago-and the reason why we even not with retroperspective advantage would chose Android is one word: Differentiation,” says Nokia-Director for our site.

-“We believed and was worried that if we chose Android, so would our opportunities for differentiation and to really separate us out fast enough to be very, very poor,” adds Stephen Elop, referring to the many different manufacturers, which spits out Android phones on the market.

HTC and Samsung has tried to make the Android experience different developing own so called ‘skins’. In other words, a software layer that gives the manufacturer’s own changes to the Android interface lives.

At the same time, other manufacturers than Nokia started to throw themselves over Windows Phone, but Stephen Elop believes still not that an Android-bet has been good for everyone.

-“If today you look at Android’s producers market share – look at it all the way back from February 2011-so see what has happened: they are all gone down-and only one has gone up,” said Stephen Elop, according to with an indirect reference to Samsung’s enormous success of Android.