Nice Car Kit for HTC One X (Product Tests)

TEST: carkit for HTC’s One X and One X + is an absolute must have if you own one of these smartphones. But it is not a product without defects.

Run you car and need to talk on the phone or Navigator, is a good carkit an absolute must. Exactly such a solution is HTC deliverable in.

The product is called Car Kit for HTC One X, but also fits HTC One X +. In the package included suction cup to the window, as well as the mounting plate to the car’s dashboard, if you prefer this type of mounting. You’ll also find wire to the power jack in your car, so the phone can be filled with “juice” while you are driving.

I have tested the product for a while, and it can definitely be recommended.

Special car application

As soon as a One X or One X + will be put into the holder, switch your phone to a special automotive mode with selected icons in large size. It gives a clear clock and weather forecast, as well as a more bilvenlig control.

Really ironic that there is an automotive mode, when one does not have to operate your phone while driving. But there is so much. If that dumps text messages ind, these are also magnified, so the text is easy to read from a distance. You’ll also get shortcuts to music. Tunein Radio, as well as the local music player, also makes use of the large interface.

An exception is, however, Spotify, which is not optimized for use in horizontal view, which is a shame.

Real navigation

Android phones come mes Google’s excellent navigation software that shows the path to the destination. When the phone sits in the Car Kit, obtained for real joy of Google Maps Navigation. It is as if we suddenly have got a full-blooded navigation device in your car.

Incoming calls, while navigation is running, also come in the store layout. Afterwards, navigation continues without problems.

It is just the regular version of the Google Maps application running on the phone, so here there is no special control adjustments to the car, other than those you normally have in the program.

The overall functioning of HTC’s car-app, but however, it is seen that it has gone down, and have had to be restarted, which isn’t particularly well when one of the car’s extra dependence on stability.

Minor errors in software

HTC has made it possible for the application to automatically connect to Bluetooth headsets and Car Stereo Clip (HTC Car A100) that can send the sound from the music out through bilhøjtaleren.

However, it is not always this works especially well, and the linking is not stable for, respectively, headset and Car Clip. The result is that the headset may connect correctly, while Car Clip be forgotten – which in turn means that URf.eks. the music now plays out through the phone’s speaker and not the car.

Such trifles are difficult annoying.

Conclusion: Must have

I am quite crazy about Car Kit for HTC One X and X + that in every way is worth the money.

It is as though the experience of these mobiles is completed by this piece of accessory, and once you’ve tried it, you won’t do without it.

The price is 399 dollars on HTC’s own webshop, which is a very nice price.

We will not, however, without that test period has experienced a number of side effects that pulls the experience down a bit. Stability is crucial in a bilsituation, and for this reason we draw a point from.

But five out of six stars, is now also a good character.