My Story-The First Pregnancy Scares

Yesterday when I went to bed I started remembering a few frights in first pregnancy. Especially when I went to New York to do the trousseau of Bruna.

It took me a long time to feel free to tell this story because even to Bruna was born and even then, until Manu was born, I still felt really insecure in talking about it. Because I don’t want to scare any way future moms and Yes, talking about the importance of care in pregnancy.

I counted well over I had a bleed in NY and the importance of having an excellent travel insurance during pregnancy (see post). So today I will tell you in detail what happened as a precaution for travelers not to abuse of hiking, pick up weight and always have a medical contact.

I was 20 week pregnant when me and my husband went to New York to do the trousseau of Bruna. Everything was really good having some bleeding in the early weeks of pregnancy.

I always kind of neurotic and caring about the health, as a good Virgo. I knew the possibility of swelling legs in flight and went with half of compression (I think essential to who is pregnant), I avoided carrying bags and hand bags, and went straight to the hotel to rest a little after the flight with maternity knitwear.

From the next day I took the trip as if I wasn’t pregnant. Yes, pregnancy is a long way from being a disease. And I felt very well and very willing! I think around 5 to 7 months is the best part. I felt no nausea, I didn’t feel tired, nothing.

And then she started shopping spree and did everything on foot. The heavier bags I’d deliver in the hotel, but I was carrying bag, camera and bags of clothes many times. I kept 1 minute and still took out the night to have dinner and enjoy the city.

I remember on the penultimate evening when I went to put a heel Sandals out, my feet wouldn’t fit over so swollen. Until then it was ok.

On the last day of trip I felt the weight of the stomach and fatigue. The hotel room looked more like a deposit of such box, bags and suitcases. Were 10 P.M. and I had to leave the hotel as 7 A.M. the next day, and all that world of things to organize and make it fit in 3 bags and 1 cart box.

My husband and I spent hours packing, removing the tags and organizing everything. Sit down, stand up, pull out, push there, went to sleep exhausted almost 3 A.M. thinking then rest on the flight.

I had hired a van to pick us up at the hotel the 7 A.M..

Woke up at 6 o’clock and I went to the bathroom. All of a sudden when I look at my panties were full of blood, and the red one was pretty strong. I just almost fainted from fright, I started shaking and crying.

I suck in the nervous moments, I lose my better judgment, I despair. I called my husband in tears and I didn’t know what to do. For me I was losing the baby….

I called my OB who told me to get dressed, put a tampon and return immediately to Brazil.

I said; What do you mean go back to Brazil? I’m not getting on a plane for 10 hours bleeding like that for nothing in this world!

I was in panic, and panic the largest have a bleed or any other complication in mid-air. I had no psychological structure for this and would prefer a thousand times be on dry land.

I went to the bathroom and was still bleeding.

At this time the Bruna already stirring in my belly, and kept stirring. So my panic was that something was going on and she would be suffering.

Amid this panic, interfonaram saying the van had arrived to pick us up.

Thereafter you can imagine perrengue. I just cried and I refused to take a flight that way, and the truth is that I just needed to hear from someone who was OK.

Then I remembered that trip insurance have both helped me a few times that I got sick outside the country. We made the best insurance you had at the time as a precaution because I was pregnant. Call the safe and say; I need a doctor immediately because I am pregnant and bleeding heavily. Then they respond then; I’m sorry Madam, our insurance doesn’t cover anything related to pregnancy!!!!

I hung up the phone and then hit the desperation. What to do? where to go??

So I called again to my Ob and I asked him to show me a doctor or clinic, hospital, anywhere I could do an ultrasound and see if everything was all right. He told me to forget it, because no doctor would have an ultrasound in the Office, let alone would take me at that moment. I had left it would be facing a hospital who works as follows; If I get bleeding, only leave there when going out the last drop of blood. And would make me all the tests, my husband couldn’t get me in the room and detail; send me the account after that would be much higher than I could imagine, plus all expenses of out of date to go in town. My Obstetrician still emphasized that I would bleed for days and that this meant that I was losing my baby.

But who said it calmed me….

That my husband went to reschedule the passage, to try to get hotel (NY was packed this week) and then he told me; does not have any flight, or we come back tomorrow or in 10 days.

What to do then???

And there was me, crying to the obstetrician, asking what to do. He told me; For me it is important to know how is the bleeding, if it does not increase and it gets dark, don’t worry, take the plane tomorrow and go straight to the hospital.

And I just cried.

We got the hotel let us stay for one more night. And then rescheduled the flight for the following morning. I spent the day in bed, afraid to move, afraid that the bleeding increased, and every trip to the bathroom I prayed not to be bleeding more.

I’ve never been so scared to be away from home, from my parents, from my doctor….

And in the middle of the afternoon the blood started to get darker. My doctor calmed me down by saying that if it was a bleeding wouldn’t stop and not decrease. He asked me to not move and didn’t make any effort to go back to Sao Paulo. Referred me to request a wheelchair at the airport not to walk a lot and just get up to go to the bathroom.

Oh what a panic I did….

I spent the day in bed crying and praying.

The next morning, bright and early, we went to the airport.

Getting there have already come to get me with wheelchair. And so I went to the plane where not raised the whole flight with dread had more bleeding.

Arriving in Sao Paulo went straight to the hospital to see if everything was OK. Until I see my baby on ultrasound were the worst moments of my pregnancy.

And she was there, giving somersaults, perfect.

And as predicted my OB, I Bled for over 2 weeks and I had to stay home.

The conclusion is that the bleeding was caused by a excess effort, there was nothing more serious.

I was pretty traumatized, and Manu’s pregnancy was to travel to Miami to buy what we need, and I gave up. I wouldn’t miss and I preferred the tranquility to be quiet around here.

All this what I would spend on the blog is the importance of care and not to overindulge in pregnancy. I’m super in favor of traveling to buy some outfits and enjoy the last moments as a couple. And that goes also for trips to two! But it’s good to remember that:

– Despite pregnancy not be disease, the body becomes more sensitive and we have to respect this moment;

-Check that the travel insurance offers as they are not all that cover problems in pregnancy;

-Have always known contact in the city that you are, because often these people know Brazilian doctors that can help with any need.

And those who want to read the post that I offer these tips on safe and which has several companies that make instructions, click HERE