My Sidekick At Home; A Printer!

Who accompanies me on the blog I’ve noticed here at one of the activities that most girls like to do is paint, so I was so happy when I was chosen by HP to make a post of printer usage in my life.

My Sidekick At Home; A Printer!

At Christmas of 2014 “I” of this printer because I wasn’t at home, since the last I had spent a lot with cartridges. I was surprised when I searched for an economical choice to buy that in addition to the price of the printer to be excellent, the cartridges are well accessible and they last a lot! My option was an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage line which in addition to print, also makes copies pb, color and scan. The best is that when used in the best print quality, it’s perfect! I didn’t expect such a good impression in a model of such a low cost! With the promotion that they are doing right now, it is even easier to buy! SeeĀ here

My Sidekick At Home; A Printer! 1

The printer is super useful for me I work in Home Office and who often had to get out to scan or copy a document. But the main thing was to be able to use it for my daughters ‘ activities.

I have used practically every day since school of them always calls for some research, drawings and printed content for them. As well as vacation pictures or some nice moment that is just buy a photographic paper, and print at home. And as I am a fan of the stimulus to creativity, love print designs to transform into puzzle, memory game and other games.

My Sidekick At Home; A Printer! 2

Always passed by newsagents and buy those magazines that comes with coloring and that they love. But I came to the conclusion that it was not worth it, since you could print some designs in home and spend much less. Additionally they can choose whatever they want, because today we can get these images to color on the internet in all themes and characters possible.

So they love to sit with me, choose the screen some theme and wait for the paper out of the printer. Turns into a fun! Have learned to put the paper and to change the cartridge at printerhall.

My Sidekick At Home; A Printer! 3

Is HP thinking fondly on mothers today to facilitate our life allowing more time alongside our children.

And we’re going to start the week!


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