Moto Z Has Been Subjected to a Painful Torture and Thus Has Been (With Video)

The latest high-end presented by Lenovo, the Moto Z, you already have their time in the market, it has been analysed by all possible means and is now available in most markets. Of course, neither could rid this flagship ultra slim’s suffer tortures relevant reserved to the most noteworthy mobile manufacturers.

In the video of little more than 4 minutes and a half duration, It has subjected to tests of resistance of all kinds, whether from scratches on different surfaces, burning the screen with a lighter, and even trying to bend it. Won’t say what has been finally, yes I will say some testing has endured them better than expected.

Most surfaces have been very easy to scratch, being the button that makes sensor tracks, edges and back with her easiest and visible. As for the screen, has endured scratches without that they would be up to the level 6, which is not bad. In terms of screen burn, He has endured the whopping 50 seconds until the pixels start to darken.

After these tests was the final fireworks in which the author tried to bend the smartphone. As you might expect, got it, although It took rather longer than expected taking into account its thinness. In the video we bring you how was the entire process, although if you’re sensitive or lover of the Moto Z, it is possible that this will make you cry.