Microsoft Promise: Long Life for Windows Phone 7.x

Windows Phone 8 is the future of Microsoft, but the old 7.x version will continue for a while yet for low-cost mobiles.

Windows Phone 8 is the latest shot at Microsoft-the tribe, but the old version will not be left in the lurch.

A new update of Windows Phone 7-IE version 7.8-is on the way, and that’s not going to go long before the public can have more details.

-“We have more to tell about 7.8 in the coming weeks,” said Terry Myerson, vice President for Microsoft’s Windows Phone Division, for our site.

At the same time, he promises to both platforms “will exist for quite some time”.

-“Windows Phone 7 devices will span much lower prices than Windows Phone 8-units-in the first place-and due to app-compatibility across plarformene will it strengthen the ecosystem to have multiple products and multiple price bearings,” adds Terry Myerson.

-“We appreciate each and every 7-and 7.8-customer, we have.¬†We will continue to work for them, but it is true that Windows Phone 8 is the future platform for us “.