Michigan State Travel Guide

North America

Michigan is located in the northern United States, between Indiana and Ohio (south), Wisconsin and Illinois (west), and Canada (north and east). The state is divided into seven regions, namely Upper Peninsula, Straits, Northern Michigan, West Coast, Mid Michigan, Saginaw Bay, and Southeast Michigan.

The Bay State has a temperate climate with well-defined seasons. The summers are on average about 20 degrees warm, while the winters are characterized by heavy snowfall and freezing cold, with temperatures ranging from -5° to -15°C. Because Michigan is located on The Great Lakes, clouds are the rule rather than the exception. In addition, it should be said that late spring and early summer are the season for tornadoes.

Best travel time

Summer and fall are ideally suited for a trip to Michigan. Keep in mind that the Americans and Canadians also go on holiday in July and August, and the crowds can be quite high.

Flora and fauna

Michigan consists of two peninsulas; the Upper Peninsula offers a rugged hilly landscape and the Lower Peninsula, which is the most popular with the public. Maples, birch, hemlock, spruce and fir define the forest scene of the Upper Peninsula, while the Lower Peninsula also has beech trees. Large stretches of prairie can be found between Muskegon and Saginaw Bay, mainly due to increasing urbanization and out-of-control logging. Michigan is a forest fruit lover’s paradise; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries and cranberries grow everywhere. The fauna has also fallen victim to urbanization. Elk, once abundant, are found only in Isle Royal National Park, as are most wolves. Reindeer and turkey have been successfully reintroduced. The deer cannot be broken even through intensive hunting and is a common resident. The wetland area has many fish species, including salmon, perch, marene and salmon trout. In 1877, numerous carp were used, which have reproduced to an almost uncontrollable population.

Main cities

Besides the state capital Lansing, Detroit (the largest city), Grand Rapids and Warren are also worth mentioning.


Detroit is located in the US state of Michigan. It is one of the most important ports in America. Detroit is also the symbol for the American car industry. Over the years, much has been done by the government to make Detroit one of the more modern cities. There are many different architectural styles to admire. One of the biggest attractions is the Detroit Center. It was built in 1993 and matches the other skyscrapers of the city. The towers are built in neo-Gothic style and stand out in the skyline.

The museums are also interesting to visit. There is the Detroit Institute of Arts for art lovers and the Charles H. Wright Museum for anyone who wants to learn more about African-American history. These are just a few examples of the museums you can visit. There is much more. Michigan is a large state and Detroit is not the only attraction you can find there. There are many attractions, including the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Here you will find cliffs, marshes and beaches. If you rent a car, you’ll find something completely different from urban life in Detroit.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Much has been done over the years to modernize the city of Detroit, Michigan. That is why there is now a wide range of beautiful buildings along the water. With a rental car you can drive past the buildings and visit other sights. In the center you will mainly find high buildings, but just outside the center you can quickly find yourself in the historic neighborhoods. Palmer Woods and Sherwood Forest are perfect examples of this. Here there are more low-rise buildings and it is a lot less modern.

For art lovers, there is the Detroit Institute of Arts. The building is already beautiful to look at, but the works of art in the building still surpass it. You can admire more than 65,000 works of art and there are real masterpieces among them. There is a large collection of ancient Egypt, Jan van Eyck, Van Gogh, Rodin and Rembrandt. National art is also featured by exhibiting the works of Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keeffe at the museum. It is one of the largest museums in America and well worth a visit.


The coastline is an experience in itself and is wonderful to drive by car or (motor) bicycle. Isle Royal National Park is Michigan’s only National Park. It is formed by a beautiful archipelago in Lake Superior, which unfortunately can only be reached by boat in the summer.


‘Motor City’ appears to be a large, gray city that is mainly concentrated on the manufacture of cars and machines. Yet this is also the place where the legendary music movements Motown, Chicago techno and garage rock became big.


A piece of home abroad; Holland, Michigan is a patriotic oasis with windmills, tulips and clogs. It will never be as Dutch as here at home.

Gerald Ford

President Ford took over from the infamous Richard Nixon and took charge of a country divided by recession, corruption and the Cold War. His presidential library can be found in Ann Arbor and offers a wealth of information, documents and film material about his term.