Maryland State Travel Guide

North America

According to abbreviationfinder, Maryland is located in the eastern United States, between Pennsylvania (north), Delaware (east), Virginia (south), and West Virginia (west). The state is divided into five regions, namely Upper Eastern Shore, Lower Eastern Shore, North Central, Southern, and Western.

The Old Line State has a very varied climate, with significant heat variations over a relatively small area. Between the temperatures in the west and the coastal area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean tempered by the sea, there can be as much as six degrees difference on the same day. Summers in Maryland are generally pleasant, with temperatures averaging around 25 degrees Celsius. In winter, the mercury drops to freezing. Precipitation also falls at very different heights per region; the west gets 124 cm in the southeast, against 36 cm in the Cumberland area. The west is a white wonderland in winter, with 100 inches of snow; Baltimore can count on about 56 cm.

Best travel time

Spring and fall are the best times to travel to Maryland. It is not too busy then, and the beautiful nature is a feast for the eyes in these seasons.

Flora and fauna

In Maryland, the north and south meet, also in terms of flora and fauna. Most of the state is peppered with hardwood trees such as oak, poplar, hickory and beech. The wooded hills are dotted with wild flowers such as wild raspberry, honeysuckle and wild grape. White-tailed deer, raccoons, red and gray foxes live peacefully alongside smaller animals such as the groundhog, cheeky squirrel and gray squirrel. Of course, the water off the coast is overcrowded with marine wildlife; oysters, mussels, turtles and crabs thrive there.

Main cities

According to countryaah, Annapolis is the state capital, next to larger cities such as Baltimore (PHOTO BELOW), Silver Spring and Columbia. Moreover, Washington, the US capital, is in its own District of Columbia within the state borders.


Baltimore is a port city in the US state of Maryland, on the east coast of the country. The city is located on the Chesapeake Bay and is about 40 miles from Washington D.C. The Washington Monument is a statue of George Washington from 1815. You can climb the 228 steps of the monument for a great view of Baltimore. The city has many museums and a good nightlife, especially around the harbour. Baltimore is also known for being the setting for the popular American television series The Wire. There are several car rental locations in downtown Baltimore.

About a 45 minute drive south of Baltimore is the city of Annapolis. Annapolis is the capital of Maryland. By renting a car you can explore the historic downtown area and visit the many shops and restaurants.Columbia is an affluent suburb of Baltimore and is often voted one of the best places to live in the United States. Many of Columbia’s street names are named after famous works of literature in the English language. The US capital, Washington DC, is just over an hour’s drive south of Columbia. The city is full of iconic landmarks, such as the White House and the Capitol, as well as huge museums and parks.


Maryland does not have a National Park, but it ranks high on the beauty scale with Chesapeake Bay. This is a complex ecological area – salt and fresh water run together – with rich animal and plant life, long beaches and beautiful sunsets. In addition, Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and Assateague State Park are also worth a visit.

Washington, DC

The capital of America is located within the borders of this state, and is well worth a visit. In particular, the Lincoln Monument, fifteen Smithsonian Museums and of course the White House make this a must-see for any visitor to Maryland.


In addition to the beautifully preserved historic city center, the capital of Maryland is best known for the Naval Academy, where America’s youngest sailors are trained for safety at sea and overseas.


Maryland is peppered with sites where battles and/or important historical events took place. The small town of Frederick has seen much turmoil since the nineteenth century; it was located in a border region where warring factions in three wars faced each other. Today the town guarantees a lot of old architecture, historical information and scenes of battles.