Maine State Travel Guide

North America

According to abbreviationfinder, Maine is located in the northeastern United States, between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec (north, west, east), New Hampshire (west), and the Atlantic Ocean (south). The state is divided into eight regions, which are Aroostook County, Downeast & Acadia, Greater Portland & Casco Bay, Kennebec & Moose River Valleys, Maine Lakes & Mountains, Mid Coast, Southern Maine Coast, and The Maine Highlands.

The Pine Tree State has three climatic regions, namely the north, south and the coastal zone. The north is considered cooler and drier, while the coast has generally milder temperatures than the other two. The summer is usually pleasant, with average temperatures of around 25°C and the winter is characterized by a lot of snowfall and icy cold. On average, Maine receives about 116 cm of precipitation, of which 78 cm consists of snow.

Best travel time

Spring and early fall are well suited to travel to Maine because of the budding and changing colors of nature. Summer is also popular, but keep in mind that waiting times and entrance fees can increase in proportion to the season. By the way, don’t underestimate the cold summer nights; a sweater or jacket is not a superfluous luxury.

Flora in fauna

Maine is mostly forests, mostly filled with red fir, balsam fir, eastern hemlock, and pine. In addition, seventeen types of orchids grow there. The most common mammal is the white-tailed deer, of which hunters take home some 30,000 each year. In addition, there are also many moose, beavers, muskrats, otters, red foxes and raccoons. The coast is a hive of activity for many marine animals: seals, turtles, whales and – the main dish of every local restaurant – the Maine lobster.

Main cities

According to countryaah, Augusta is the state capital here, alongside other major cities such as Portland, Lewiston and Bangor.

Auburn (Maine)

Place in the United States
Location of Auburn in Maine
Location of Maine in the US
County Androscoggin County
Type of place City
State Maine
Coordinates 44° 5′ N, 70° 14′ W
Surface 154.8 km²
– country 139.2 km²
– water 15.6 km²
Height 58 m
ZIP code(s) 04210–04212, 4210, 4212
FIPS code 02060

Auburn is a city in the US state of Maine, and is administratively part of Androscoggin County.


At the 2000 census, the population was set at 23,203. In 2006, the United States Census Bureau estimated the population at 23,156, a decrease of 47 (-0.2%).


According to the United States Census Bureau, the place covers an area of ​​170.4 km², of which 154.8 km² is land and 15.6 km² is water.

Nearby places

The figure below shows nearby places within a 28 km radius of Auburn.


  • Oxford (21 km)
  • South Paris (26 km)
  • Freeport (28 km)
  • Lewiston (4 miles)
  • Lisbon Falls (17 km)
  • Mechanical Falls (12 km)
  • Norway (27 km)


The outstanding Acadia National Park is the pride of Maine, once frequented by the wealthy of America, such as the Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Astor families. Here you will also find the highest point of the American Atlantic coast; Cadillac Mountain rises 466 meters above sea level. A paradise area, which is excellent for hikes, bike rides and kayaking.

Outdoor sports

Nature here is untouched and almost inexhaustible. And that means hiking, mountain biking, hunting and camping. In winter, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are also possible. Maine boasts no less than 6,000 lakes and some 8,800 miles of coastline. Naturally, these conditions provide an excellent opportunity to get in a raft, kayak, canoe or sailboat and explore those waterways.

Maine lobster

A must eat! This deliciously soft lobster is caught in the cold waters of Maine and transported from there to kitchens all over America. Around August each year, the crustacean takes center stage at its own festival on the coast, featuring cookouts, live entertainment, and the coronation of the Maine Sea Goddess.