Luana Piovani Does Weight Training During Pregnancy: It May Or May Not?

Actress wants to keep fit during pregnancy with twins


The practice of bodybuilding in pregnancy, when well applied and supervised, can do a lot of good for pregnant women. “Weight training provides resistance and strengthens the muscles, which helps to support the extra weight more easily and, in some cases, helps to even keep the weight. Also decreases the risk of certain diseases, such as gestational diabetes, bad posture and Karter y problems “, says the technical coordinator of the Academy Hawks, Renato 12:00 am Albino. One of the players that is the actress Luana Piovani, who hopes the twins Well and Liz. In their social networks, she released pictures, practicing exercises.

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According to the, another benefit of weight training for pregnant women is exercises that increase pain tolerance, which could be important at the time of delivery, in addition to reducing the illness on a daily basis.

Bodybuilding For Pregnant Women

He warns, however, that those who have never coached before getting pregnant and want to start some activity during pregnancy has to start with something light, likewalk. “It is important that the sedentary start with low-impact activities, since they are not accustomed with a workout routine. But women who’ve trained before pregnancy can continue training, since there is no pre-clearance of the obstetrician “explains.

He says the best thing is to include exercises for pregnant women from the first trimester of pregnancy, always with the supervision of a professional, to avoid injury.

And the exercises performed on the floor, with the belly up, or requiring that women stand up for too long can reduce blood flow to the baby, should be avoided, as well as training with high intensity programs.